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France has some great hidden talents and Holispark is one of them!

France has some great hidden talents and Holispark is definitely one of them. Currently busy on tour, the whole band still took a few minutes to answer a couple of questions for us. Check out what they had to say below!


Hello, Holispark! Thanks for your time! For those who don’t know you yet, would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

(Max): Hi guys, we are Holispark, a 5 pieces band from Lille (north of France). We play Alt-Rock music with some big Pop touches in it. The band started in 2015 with a debut EP called “The Harvest”. Last year we released our 1st album “Sonic Bloom” and since we are on the road to spread the love.

You guys are currently in the middle of a huge European tour. What has been your favorite show so far and why?

(Roch): We have just spent 2 weeks in the UK: the land of Rock. It’s my favorite moment in itself haha! We were very well received everywhere we went, but since I have to choose. I keep a very special memory of February 22nd at the Patriot in Crumlin, Wales. It was the penultimate gig of the UK leg of the tour and the tiredness we all had to deal with was getting us stick together as a band. This is often what happens when you are having hard times together.

We drove for 7 hours during the day and there were 2 excellent support bands before us that night (Slater and Vella, cheers guys!). So we got on stage pretty late. We stayed silent in the resting room all evening and when we came on stage… We played our show with a wild energy coming from deep within ourselves! It was electric! Everyone loved it and we even played an encore! At the end of the show, the manager of the club was so laudatory about us and invited us to come back as soon as possible. Obviously, it will be done…!

How do you manage your time between your personal life and the band? Isn’t it hard?

(Kévin): It is! You need to split your time between earning a living, spending time with your family, practicing your instrument, rehearsals, social media… And everything else you need! But we all want to see our band grow up and we try to make things happen by freeing our personnal time as often as possible. This is much more simple since we only rehearse for gigs and recording!

You recently released a lyric video for your single “Hold On”. Can you tell us more about this song?

(Manon): We wanted to bring out a song to have a little fun. The album was released in February 2018 (but recorded in 2017) and ‘Hold On’ got out in December 2018. We needed a new breath after a lot of touring on the album.

It’s a song that is close to my heart. It’s been a long time since I wanted to talk about the subject of age. This is a theme that often comes up in discussions like “you should not do that anymore, you are big now”. Or, “When I was your age I was already much more mature” …. There are tons of replicas that make my hair stand on end each time. I have a good relationship with age. In fact, I often forget how old I am. Simply because it is not my age that defines me but my ideas, my way of thinking, my passions, my everyday life. It is a song that proposes, to those who think too much about this number, to forget it and to jump in.

What inspired you to write it?

(Nico): The way we composed “Hold On” does not differ from the way we composed the album. The raw ideas were brought in rehearsal and we arranged the song all together. We have tested several ways to compose and to tell the truth, this is the way that suits us best. To inspire us, we draw on what others do, all styles combined, to build a solid background.

We are interested in songs, arrangements but also productions. Other forms of art are also inspiring: literature, painting, cinema… We also find inspiration in what we live, emotions that emerge… joy, sadness, anger, pain…

I would say that it is a mixture of all that, which macerates in our heads and our hands retranscribe them on our instruments. We are trying to have a modern approach to writing riffs. And I think we will be more inclined towards that for the writing of an upcoming album…

How would you describe the writing process you have within the band?

(Kévin): We don’t have a specific process but most of the time, one of us comes with an idea, lyrics, a riff, a chorus… And everybody else tries to play/sing something on it. We jam a little and if we’re glad at some point, we go further and try to make a whole new song. That’s it!

Would you mind sharing the rest of your plans for 2019?

(Roch): This year is going at a crazy speed, I still feel like in January so we are busy! First, in April, we’ll hit the road to the south of France, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium. I can’t wait to find out what this tour holds. Then, we come back home for a unique concert that promises to be epic: May 18th at La Boite A Musique in Wattrelos with our friends from Attempt and Bare Teeth. Come on, it’ll be great!

We also want to write new songs, to evolve artistically and it takes time. This is what we will do in the next few months. We will be quite rare on stage. But not totally absent! We plan on coming back to the UK in late August. We were invited to something crazy! We will announce this event in due time… For the rest, time will tell!

Holispark - Tour Dates

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

(Max): First of all, thanks for reading this and listening to us. Just a few words to say thanks to those who go out to listen to bands in bars and clubs, buy some merch or just share the bands music to their own people. Making music and touring is a lot of hard working. There’s is a shit-ton of good bands out there and we need you guys to keep live music on the road. And of course, thank you Distrolution for letting us talk about our music.

Thanks for your time!

Picture by Enguerran Urban

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