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French rockers Bottle Next talk about their upcoming album “Drift”!

Let’s start this weekend with a brand new interview with the French rockers Bottle Next. Learn more about their recently-released single “Romance”, as well as their upcoming album “Drift”, set to be released in 2020.

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Hello, Bottle Next! Thanks for taking time to answer a couple of questions for us. Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Hey hey! Thanks for the interview! So, we’re a French rock duo, we play hard folk music, which is a part of rock genre, we think. Basically, we use a folk guitar to play heavy and groovy riffs, that’s why we call it like this. We released our first album “Bad Horses” in 2017.

You’ve recently unveiled a music video for “Romance”. What’s the story behind this single?

This song is about a man exploring, discovering, accepting and enjoying his homosexuality, in a way he couldn’t expect. It’s a way to transcribe these different points of view about it in a strong and powerful feeling.

How was the shooting experience?

Honestly, really great, intense and easy. Great because we worked with friends that we’ve known for a long time. And we already worked with them before on other Bottlenext music videos. That’s also why it was easy cause we all understand each other and we always manage to find compromises when we have to. Intense cause we had to play this song again and again and again and again and again and again with always keeping the intensity of it.

This song is the first preview of your upcoming album “Drift”, set to be released in 2020. Would you mind introducing this upcoming release to our readers?

We worked with a really great team on this album, and we had the chance to work with Charles de Schutter for the mixing session. It was a great and amazing experience. To describe it, we’d say that it’s really powerful and melodic, you’re gonna have groovy riffs, really heavy low guitars. Big fat floor toms, punchy kicks and a really well produced bronze snare drum, with a really puckish and beautiful folk guitar.

You can add a little bit of heavy baritone saxophone and two awesome featurings, Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy) and Shanka (No One Is Innocent). This is a kind of recipe for “Drift”, we guess.

How long have you worked on this album and how was your writing process?

Including writing process, recording, releasing it’s probably more than one year and half. Some materials are even older, it can be some riffs or melodies coming from old rehearsals that we always wanted to do something with.

This time, for the making of this album, the music was mainly written during jam sessions in our rehearsal room, or in a studio. We were jaming and jaming till we got ideas we liked. And we built songs from this. Writing the lyrics comes usually after, and if needed, we can readjust some part of the song to make it consistent with the vocals. 

Do you currently have any other projects in the making?

Not especially with Bottle Next. For now, we’re focusing on the release of this album and on our next tour, that also means our new show. Outside of Bottle Next, we have some other bands we play with also.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Never give up, keep having fun, be yourself, believe in it and take care of each other.

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