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Furiapolis talk about “Déesses” album

I had the great pleasure to listen to the album “Déesses” of the French rock band Furiapolis. Today, Simon, the guitarist of the band, tells us more about his first album.

Hello. Many thanks to take your time to answer few questions for Distrolution. Typical ask, I know, could you introduce yourself and your band?

Hi Distrolution ! Well thanks for asking, it’s always hard to describe itself isn’t it? We’re just a rock band from France, enjoying great guitar riffs, the sunshine, alcohol … I’m Simon, guitarist of Furiapolis.

For people who don’t know you, how would you describe your music?

We’re doing massive rock, with dirty riffs, a couple of breakdowns and real melodies!

Can you tell us more about the artwork of « Déesses »?

Déesses’artwork has been created by our lead singer Brice following the« #MeToo / Weinstein » period we’ve been through. We always thought that women’s freedom of speech should be push forward when it’s still way too undermined by the society we’re surrounded with. I mean, who even talks about that now that we’ve been through this?

How long did it take to record the album?

Well in a pure « studio » time it’s been quite short, we’ve only been kept as hostage for a little less than three weeks. What happened for real is that we worked a lot on the pre-production on our side. Being ready for the studio is really important for us. As a band in auto-production, save time in studio means saving money!

What is the writing and composition process within the group?

Usually our singer Brice is bringing out great stuff, loud riffs, with a great idea of what the whole song should sound like, and we work around that with the rest of the band, arranging, creating breaks of breakdown. That gives us the ability to bring out real songs, not just pieces of riffs that’s been brought together.

Déesses” is a very rich album in sound and style. Can you tell us about your influences?

There’s a loooot here to say! The four of us just come from really different music background, even though there’s a bunch of references we just really agree on (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Deftones, Korn …), there are also a lot of influences each one of us keep on his own side (I have to admit I’m a big Taylor Swift fan … SORRY.). For instance our singer love electro stuff (like Avicii, Daft Punk amongst others), and Robin, our bassist, love Jazz/groovy stuff from Marcus Miller to Bruno Mars!

There is this famous quote from John Lennon saying that “French rock is like good English wine” and we feel a challenge outing to take up. Where are you today on this subject?

Our feedback on the album is actually really nice. Choosing french as the main language for singing has really changed the way we’re seen and discovered on the french scene. Although it might close a couple of doors outside french speaking countries… We’re still currently booking a lot of gigs so we deeply hope that good stuff is on its way! We’ve also put a lot of implication on promoting our baby. Cause it’s not just working by itself is it?

The songs of “Déesses” make a strong impression on people, I think of songs like “De la Coco”, “SNCT” which remain in our minds for a long time. Is it wanted and sought during the composition and writing process?

Do you always make compliments in your questions!? haha !
YES it’s made to be. We always try to keep catchy songs; I mean this is how people remind you in the end. When you hear again that song that you had in your mind but didn’t know it was from this or this artist … This is where you get people to listen to you and your music again (And again …).

Since its release, how has this first album been received?

From our close friends/family, feedbacks are really nice, once again, french language is convincing a lot on our own territory. From medias, it’s amazing! We’ve always been into something that’s a little bit in between different styles. Meaning we’ve got metal influences as well as rock, pop, electro … And we don’t even make a difference, we create what reflects the four of us, and that’s what gives us our identity, and I think it’s something that’s appreciated by everyone. We don’t use any filter.

Do you have any gigs coming up?

Yes, we do! We actually have quite a lot of them coming up, during summer and right after, and we’re scheduling some more these days. Spread the word, Furiapolis can be booked everywhere as long as the ambiance is good and beer is cheap!

On which stage/festival would you dream to play? And with which artists?

I don’t know if we have a particular stage in mind, maybe Download Festival? I mean, any country would suit! Festivals are always amazing experiences; I mean who wouldn’t like it: It’s usually during summer, so weather is great, you get to meet a lot of bands, and you get to share nice stages with amazing crowds !

Once again, on behalf of the Distrolution team, a big thank you for this interview. Cheers.

Thank you Distrolution !!!

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