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Get to know the French rockers, Hey Life!

I introduced you a few days ago to the French rockers Hey Life. With their groove-infused rock and catchy melodies, the band draws inspiration from the British alternative scene. I’m now happy to be back with an interview I did with the guys. Learn more about their upcoming debut EP, “Masquerade”, below!

Hello HEY LIFE, hope that you are doing good 🙂 Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers? Hi Valentine, very good thank you! We’re 5 french friends playing a groovy alternative rock inspired by the British alternative scene. We love to play live and make the crowd dance to our songs so we’re always writing our music with this goal in mind!

How would you describe the French alternative rock scene? We noticed that most of the rock scene in France is divided in two distinct genres: either metalcore bands or pop-oriented rock bands. We want to bring our vision and energy with a more versatile rock doped with muscled riffs, to take our place between these two worlds. 

Let’s focus on your latest news, and let’s indeed start with your music video for “Here’s The Thing About Lilith”. How was the shooting experience? It was a very enriching experience working on a shooting of this scale and complexity. We had the occasion to shoot in various places, night and day, and to make new friends along the way!

Were you happy with the feedback you received from both your fans and the media? Overall, we’ve got many positive returns from our fans and a few ones from the media. To reach them fully, we think we’ll have to wait for the reactions about our upcoming EP for them to better understand what we have in store.

This song is from your upcoming debut EP, “Masquerade”, out on December 7th! Was this song, according to you, the one that best reflects the spirit of your forthcoming EP? Masquerade is about the masks we wear during most social interactions. Lilith’s mask is the need to please and this superficiality is represented by the myth of the succubus. It reflects really well the spirit of the EP but you’ll be able to notice that all its songs do it in their own way.

Musically speaking, “Here’s The Thing About Lilith” is a very energetic song making people jumping around, perfectly conveying the groovy and live-oriented vibe of “Masquerade”.

Hey Life - EP artwork

Speaking of this EP. How long have you worked on it and what kind of songs can we indeed expect? Producing this EP took us about 6 months from the writing process to the final mixing steps. You can expect a musical mix characterized by alternative rock incisive riffs paired up with catchy melodies inspired by 80s/90s pop-funk trends.

Anything else to share with us? If you have a message to convey, it’s now! We’re celebrating the release of “Masquerade” on December 8th, playing a gig at Bus Palladium in Paris alongside ONLAP and Two Trains Left. You’ll also be able to see us on stage during 2019, jamming some brand new tunes.

Thanks for reaching us and giving us the opportunity to share some insights of our projects!

Picture by Alexandre Boëgler

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