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Get to know the Italian psych-rock band Go!Zilla!

Here’s my brand new interview with the psych-rock band Go!Zilla. Thanks to Mattia, learn more about the band’s new album, “Modern Jungle’s Prisoners”, as well as their upcoming projects below!


Hello Go!Zilla. Thanks for taking some time to chat with us! Could you please introduce yourselves, as well as your roles in the band? Hello! Mattia here, guitar and backing vocals.

What’s the story behind your band? How did you guys meet and what made you want to start this band? We’re all from the same city, Florence, that basically is a small city and we all know each other in the “rock-music scene”. And we’re all friends of course! In 2012, Go!Zilla was just a duo. After 6 years, 6 releases and around 500 shows all around the world we became a quintet. In 2020 we’ll probably be an orchestra, who knows.

How would you describe the psych-rock music scene in Italy? Actually, there’s several interesting bands here! Me and Luca have a record label focus on rock-psych music called Annibale Records. And we released some really good stuff  as Elius Inferno & The Magic Octagram, Plastic Man or Dead Coast just to mention a few.

You recently released your music video for the single “Demons Are Closer”. How was the shooting experience? Any funny story to share with us? It was freezing as f**k! We had to bring a super-heater near the set that was more like a Boeing turbine and was really dangerous.

This song is taken from your new album, “Modern Jungle’s Prisoners”, out since September 2018. How long have you worked on this release? We always tried to propose something different with every release and it’s the reason why we added synth, percussion and a bass player. But we needed time to find our way to mix all the ideas. We also needed some rest ’cause we played a lot ’till 2017!

How did you approach the writing and recording processes for this record? Generally me and Luca write an acoustic-draft at home than we work it out with all the band. But sometimes, songs come out just jamming all together.

Would you mind sharing your upcoming projects for the rest of the year and 2019? We’ll touring France on Jan and Germany on Feb, we want to spread the new stuff as much as we can! We’re jamming on new stuff in the meantime…

Go!Zilla - Tour Dates

Thanks for your time!

Picture by Erika Errante

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