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Hard rockers Thudd talk about their new single, ‘What Once Was’

Hard rockers Thudd talk about their new single, ‘What Once Was’, as well as the band’s upcoming projects. Check out the full interview with Ben Arrowsmith (bass) below!


Hello Thudd, thanks for your time. Would it be please possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Hi! No problem at all. We are THUDD – an energetic Rock band from Brighton, UK. The band consists of four members: Jack Brown (Vocals), Dan Davies (Guitar), Ben Arrowsmith (Bass) and Matt Flood (Drums).

How do you spend your time during quarantine?

A lot of it has been sitting around watching Netflix, but we are all in Music school together. So we’ve been working on numerous projects and assessments, as well as writing new tunes for THUDD!

Were you able to practice together via virtual meetings or to work on new songs during the lockdown?

Because we all have access to recording equipment, we’ve been working on some new music. But most of our efforts so far have been working with ADAM Audio to produce our ‘Official Lockdown Playthrough’ of our latest release. Other than that, we’re still finding a work around for practicing with programs like Jamkazam and sharing ideas through Zoom.

You guys have recently unveiled a single titled ‘What Once Was’. What’s the story behind this song?

What Once Was is a track inspired by a turbulent relationship and the effect it had on both people involved. The first verse details how one individual has struggled to let go of the emotional scars left by not just his former partner. But also those he inflicted upon himself and his friends through his actions, ‘that part of me’.

The second verse is written from the other person’s perspective, and how they felt left behind by their partner who they felt no longer wanted to help them. In their eyes, their partner abandoned them when they needed them most, and rather than help they let them drown in their problems, on their own. The chorus details how the relationship left one person emotionally damaged, feeling less than themselves, almost broken. However, the chorus also tells us that, with the right people around you, you can remember who you are and recover, no matter how hurt you may be.

How’s your usual writing process?

Usually Dan will record riff ideas to a basic drum loop until he comes up with a solid strong structure, then, because he lives with Jack, they can write and record vocals almost immediately after. Dan will then call me (Ben) saying he has a new song idea. And I will go round in the next couple of days to lay down a bass track. Meanwhile Matt will be updated on song changes and then will record drums for the final mix. Usually, most of our ideas will happen on a Zoom call at about 2 in the morning.

Do you have any other projects in the making for the upcoming months?

We have an EP recorded and mixed and ready to be released in the Summer. As well as some other bonus tracks that we’ve been working on that don’t necessarily fit in context with the release. There will also be a single in the next couple of months that will have all the info on the EP release date.

As for solo project stuff, Matt is working on an ongoing Chillstep/Electronic project called Surgecore as well as an upcoming Tropical House project called Lava. Dan is working on some music for games and I (Ben) have been working on Progressive Metal project – Feed the Fallacy.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

We hope everyone is saying safe at the moment in these uncertain times. And we can’t wait for this all to blow over so we can continue to show the world our music! Also a massive thanks to Alysha for her guest feature on our latest track and Pete Smith for passing his wisdom throughout the weeks leading to release.

Thanks for your time!

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