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Introducing the independent record label KROD RECORDS

After having worked for almost two years together, it’s quite naturally that I offered to my friend Jordan to introduce his label: Krod Records; as well as the various artists he represents!

Hey Jordan, thanks so much for your time! Could you please introduce yourself, as well as your record label ‘Krod Records’ to our readers? Hi Valentine, thanks for thinking about us. I’m Jordan Calvi, label manager and founder of Krod Records. Krod Records is an indie punk rock label (we got pop punk / hardcore artists but mostly punk rock). We got bands from Europe only so far. We enjoy a lot. I’ve got in my team Loïc Gauthey and Valentin Guérin.

What made you concretely get into the music industry? In other words, why did you decide to launch a record label, rather than set up a band, a PR agency or something like that? Well, when I was 15 y-o I was putting up shows in France, Oï/Punk/Hardcore shows in my hometown and I enjoyed it a lot. I went on doing stuff into music but not that big. Then, I wanted to do more for the artists and I’ve started this record label. I’ve decided to launch it in order to do the most for the bands ; and our bands knew that we don’t do only vinyl/CD pressing. We do PR (with you or not), we do some booking management, so… yeah it’s a music family/company whatever :- )

Out of all the experiences you had with KROD RECORDS, has there been one that has stood out to you? I’ve known you for a few years now and I think that 2017 has been quite a year for your label. I mean, you signed very promising bands (Hightower, South Berkeley etc.), right? Well, I can say that we grow up day by day and with the artists. Of course, 2017 was something more, especially because we moved (I moved actually) to Berlin, so yeah, it’s been a difficult year personnaly but fulfilling with the label.

You’re now based in Berlin, Germany. How would you describe the music scene over there? Do you think that this new city will help you develop your record label even further? Berlin is an incredible city for punk rock and the music scene in general. You got amazing record labels / booking agencies / bands / promoters / venues over there (Flix Agency, Destiny Tourbooking, SO36, Cassiopeia…). And for sure, that city and those people there are now and will (I hope so) help me to grow up again and again.

To finish this interview, can we talk about KROD RECORDS’ 3rd anniversary? What can we expect for this birthday? You know that I’ll be there but I’m still curious about it 😉 You can expect fun and so much beers (cheap and good). Daggermouth (Pop Punk Legend, Canada) with Hightower (KROD) and Kill Her First (KROD) and maybe one or two more bands. We are still thinking about it. But 100% fun, 100% punk rock. Thanks for the interview Valentine!

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