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Laceblack talk about their music and upcoming projects!

I’m happy to introduce you once again to the Italian rockers Laceblack. Thanks to Luca, learn more about the band and their latest releases, below!


Hello Luca. Thank you so much for taking time to answer a few questions for us! Would you mind introducing yourself, as well as Laceblack to our readers? Hi, I’m glad to meet you, I’m Luca Celletti. I was born in Rome, Italy. I started playing drums when I was a kid. I have started writing and singing songs when I discovered my passion to express myself in a different way, as a singer later. Some would say that LaceBlack is my soul mate songwriter. And I would say that would be the right definition in describing it.

Have certain artists or bands made you want to start a musical career? If yes, which ones? As a heavy metal guy, I was immediately impressed by drummers John Bonam, Ian Paice and, last but not least, Neil Peart. I feel that my experience as a drummer gave me a particular awareness of my taste. Especially in the way to put dynamism in my songs, nowadays, as a singer and composer. I was definitely influenced by legendary rock artists like The Rolling Stones. Aerosmith, Seal, David Bowie, Robert Plant, David Coverdale, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac and… many others.

How would you describe the sound of your band, Laceblack? In my imagination, giving a name to my artistic project, I imagined a lasso tied to the black roots of rock music and those of psychedelia. Passing through a wide range of musical genres. In LaceBlack, you can indeed find traces of Hard Rock, Soul, Psychedelia, Pop and Blues.

Your latest music video was released back in December 2017. Can you tell us about the shooting experience for ‘Anytime’? We choosed the place after a visit in the wonderful land of Sicily during a vacation, a couple of years ago. We’ve been lucky to know a local very talented artist in sculpture. A master in this form of art, mr. Lorenzo Reina who had the intuition of building the exceptional “Teatro Andromeda”. Where we suddenly got the inspiration for the realizing of our first video.

I know that you played in London on July 1st. How was the show? Do you have any ritual, before going on stage? We had a great time on the stage of “The Monarch, Bar & Venue”, in London, United Kingdom, on July 1st. We indeed played part of the current album and a couple of new songs … Ritual? Well, we usually discuss the final list of the show just before the show. With a long toast, then shaking hands with each other looking into each other’s eyes before going on stage . You could probably call it ritual…

The show was great, we enjoyed the rocking atmosphere around for about 50 minutes set list, playing the only LaceBlack stuff. The very good reaction from the people present at the show is a big signal for us that we proudly brought back home. Treasuring such a great and important feedback we got from old and new friends at the venue.

Also, with the occasion, we’d like to thank everybody present at the show for the wonderful, warm support and participation. A special thank you to Steff and Sally for taking care and beautiful hospitality… You Rock to the bone!

Last but not least, are you currently working on new projects for 2018? We are working on seven new songs I wrote at the moment. But there’s a strong feeling to aproaching on writing new stuff also as a solid band too. LaceBlack has indeed started his story as a solo project, personally I needed time to select and decide for the right line up… I can say that we are living a very important happy moment, playing together like a band today, that I’m

Glad to introduce You: Francesco Savarese on guitars, Nicola Di Già on Guitars, Fabrizio Ruggiero on Bass Guitar. Massimo Marraccini on Drums and Robertino Gigli as a very special guest at the keyboards. I’m the lead vocals!

Thanks a lot and all the best for the future, Luca!

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