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Learn more about Storm Orchestra’s debut album!

French rockers Storm Orchestra have recently revealed to the world their debut album, “What A Time to Be Alive”. Learn more about this record in our brand new interview!

Storm Orchestra – Picture by Angela DUFIN

Hello Storm Orchestra. Let’s start this written interview by introducing your band to our readers!

Hi, we are Storm Orchestra, a rock power trio. We come from Paris, and we are influenced by the early years of Muse or Royal Blood. We just released our first album “What A Time To Be Alive”!

As you just mentionned, you’re indeed back with a new album, “What A Time to Be Alive”. How would you describe this record?

This is our first record, so everything was new for us. We tried to put who we are on this album, which is a mix of powerful riffs, some pop chorus, a little bit of melancholy and anger. We first talk about love, in all of his forms, it is one of the most powerful feeling in the world. It makes you do things your though never do, it gives you strengh and self confidence. It is the feeling the feeling that makes you feel alive!

We also talk about the end of the world. Humanity is driving super fast right into a wall, we enjoy the ride without thinking about that wall. It is the dark part of this album, the part that says sarcasticly: what a time to be alive…

How would you describe your usual writing process? How do you split the roles within the band?

We constantly write songs, and the roles are clear. Adrien (Bassist) compose the music and send it to Max (Singer/Guitarist) who compose the lead vocal on it. Then, Loic (Drummer) listens to it and improve the song. This is our process for almost 90% of our songs. We only keep the song if the 3 members are ok, we are very democratical. After that, we learn it live, and test it live, to see if we still like it, and if the public likes it. For the inspiration, there’s no rule, it comes or not.

Let’s talk about the artwork of the album. Who’s the artist who created it and what’s the idea behind the visual?

The artist we chose is EggEyes, who is a french artist. We wanted a cover with a drawing, and we just looked over the internet for an artist with a style we like. He was the one! We fell in love with his creations. The idea of the parachutist was already in our mind, he took the idea to the perfection we needed. We wanted this parachutist on fire to explain the title of the album. This is the alegory of humanity, we jump and this is incredibly fun, but the parachute is on fire…

Reflecting on everything you’ve been through since the creation of your band: what is your best accomplishment as a band so far?

For us, there’s only one question: “what’s next?”. We always want more, more gigs, more music, more public. So for us the best accomplishment is the next goal. But, in a more global way, the best accomplishment is to keep our friendship intact, to keep it fun and still enjoy what we do. There’s a lot of difficult moments, and we’re a team, we support each other and this is the most important thing for us.

You’re often playing live shows. What’s on your merch table and, as a band and music fans, what’s your favorite merch item?

For now, t-shirts and cd’s. The t-shirt represent the parachutist in black and white. Merch is super important for a band because it is the way our public supports us. Our favourite merch item is the t-shirt, because it’s for everyone, and it a way to say: “This is one of my favourite band, okay?”.

The last words are for you. Thanks for your time!

Thanks a lot for the interview, and for the one who’s reading this : come see us live, and grab a beer together!

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