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Meet the Belgian rockers, Ivory Throne!

Heavy rockers Ivory Throne took time to answer a couple of questions for us. Learn more about the band’s latest single, “Overthrown”, as well as their upcoming projects below!

Picture by Ellyn O’Byrne

Hello Ivory Throne. Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Hello, sure! We are Ivory Throne, a heavy rock/stoner/metal band from Belgium. We make heavy music for your neck! We started the band back in 2020 during the first COVID lockdown and released several singles and an EP since then.

Your latest music video for “Overthrown” was released a few days ago. How was the video shooting experience?

We did everything by ourselves as we usually do but this time, we wanted to try to use a green screen. It was odd at first but once we saw the final result, we knew we had something special to offer to our fanbase. Editing was a time consuming part but we are very proud of the result.

What is the story behind this song and where did you find your inspiration for the lyrics?

We wrote this song in early 2022 in our old rehearsal room while drinking a local beer called “Leopold”. It was around the time when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine started so it was hard not to be impacted and think about a potential WWIII.. Obviously, the lyrics had to say something about that also considering its demo name was the name of an infamous and controversial Belgian King.

Although we are not deeply involved in politics, this war had a profound impact on us and many others, inspiring us to use our music as a means of expressing our fear and anger.

The lyrics are a response to the conflict, a response against oppression and injustice.

The artwork of this single is sick. What’s the meaning of this visual and who’s the artist behind this amazing artwork?

Thanks! The artwork is actually a building very much like a very famous Russian building on fire. The lyrics and the artwork go hand in hand of course!

We are a bit geeky, so we wanted to try using an AI to generate the artwork (Midjourney). Although we were satisfied with the first result, we tweaked it a bit to fit our likings. It was a fun process to try to find the best prompt to get what we had in mind, AI is definitely a powerful tool for musicians!

Ivory Throne - Single artwork

Is there any chance we can expect another release in the upcoming weeks?

Indeed, we are already working on our next release for April 2023.

I noticed on your socials that you’re often playing live shows. Is there one show that has stood out to you? If yes, which one and why?

Yes, of course! We had the chance to play in the biggest festival of our local town last September. We were opening the festival and we thought we would play in front of 50 people max, but we ended up with 200+ people listening to us! We couldn’t have expected that and we truly felt blessed!

Speaking of live shows. What’s on your merch table and, as a band and music fans, what’s your favorite merch item?

Nothing can beat the good old shirt with the band logo and a CD!

To end this interview, please share with us your upcoming projects!

2023 will be a busy year for us with 4 more songs to release and even more to record! We are also working on shows to get out of our tiny country so yes, keep an eye on us, we won’t disappoint you!

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