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Meet the French acoustic rockers, Behind Locked Doors

What I love the most about music is that I get the chance to discover, every single week, interesting bands and artists. Really happy to introduce you guys to the French acoustic rockers Behind Locked Doors. Check out our interview below!

Behind Locked Doors

Picture by Julien Eveno

Hey Behind Locked Doors! Let’s start this interview with an introduction of your band.

Hello Valentine and of course Distrolution readers! We are Behind Locked Doors an independent acoustic trio from France composed of Julien Eveno (Guitar, Percussion) as well as two brothers Micki Sobral (Vocals) and Anthony Sobral (Guitar, Vocals). We started our project at the end of 2016 by playing some shows all around France before writing our first album.

What made you choose to play acoustic songs?

GOOD QUESTION! It’s pretty funny cause we’re all coming from rock/ metal influences. Though we wanted to mix the simplicity of the acoustic with melodious chords and an intense atmosphere to recreate something we like to hear when our fav bands turn their electric guitars to something more intimate.

You released your debut album “Hope” back in 2019. How long did you work on this record?

Since we’re independent artists we had to do EVERYTHING ourselves. And it was so much work that I honestly think that we have worked on this record since the beginning of our trio.

How would you describe your usual writing process?

The most common writing process is that Anthony and I (Micki) are working on a descent demo to show at Julien and after a few days of taking a step back and making sure that the three of us are liking it, we start to dive deeper in the production etc and then after finishing the whole demo, we start recording the song.

Is there any chance we can expect a new release in the upcoming months?

We do have a new song that came out october 7. It is called “Somebody” and we decided to go in a completely different genre so we hope you will like it!

You also had the chance to play at the Printemps de Bourges festival, in France. How was the experience?

It was honestly a very good experience. People were amazing to us, we had to meet some other musicians, some of our fans and we had an amazing time at the show ! Fingers crossed to play there next year.

I took time to check your Bandcamp page and saw that you’re offering a lot of merch. Is there a merch item that you personally really love?

The merch items we really love are the ones we released recently on our websites. They’re related to our newest release and we are very much proud of them!

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Thank you so much to anyone who made it here haha! We hope you liked our conversation with the amazing Valentine from distrolution and of course, make sure to connect with us on our socials and to listen to our new single “Somebody” which is out everywhere! MUCH LOVE FROM BLD <3

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