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Meet the French rockers, Eclipse!

We’re back with a new written interview, introducing our readers to the French rockers Eclipse. The guys have just revealed a music video for a single taken from their upcoming debut album. Learn more about the band’s projects below!

Picture by Agnieszka Gwiazda

Hello Eclipse. Let’s start this written interview by introducing your band to our readers!

Hi Valentine, so our name is ĒCLIPSE, we are a French prog rock band from the Grand-Est in France, and more particularly from Troyes. We are almost blowing our 8th candle! ĒCLIPSE consists of Gauthier the singer-guitarist and Tristan the lead guitarist who both come from the initial formation, then Romu who joined us 5 years ago, and the position of bassist which will soon be filled by a new kid.

You have just revealed a music video for your single “Le Contrôle”. Where did you find the inspiration for this song?

We really like repetitive musical phrases, little stubborn leads.

It is this feeling of something which did not leave us while hearing the lead of this piece which inspired the subject of the song. Being in a spiral that never stops until you lose “control”. And in this subject of losing control, we saw this protagonist in his bed feeling hands on him without being able to react, like succubus. The rest happened on its own.

How was the shooting of the music video? Any funny stories to share with our readers?

The shoot was both exciting and very intense. The director had warned us that we had to shoot a clip over 3 days for which it would have taken 4. The days were both very long while passing extremely quickly! Fortunately, we had to deal with a hell of a crazy team, and the timing was kept. Anecdote for those who will see the music video, there is a surprise with a microwave.

And our drummer Romu participated in the cutting of this one the day before… But he came back with a glint in his eye, and the beginning of conjunctivitis, because he hadn’t put on the protective glasses when he claimed the opposite. And when he saw the photo, he had them on his forehead… which almost ruined the first day of filming!

You premiered the music video in a theater in front of many people. How was the experience?

The preview screening of our clip turned out to be an exceptional experience!! We proposed a somewhat crazy concept to theaters in our region, that of showing our clip with the presence of the director of the clip, like a real cinema outing. I think there are few bands that have done this, and what’s great is that people have responded. The theater was almost full! But the audience did not know that they were going to attend the screening of the clip, 3 making of and the exclusive listening of 2 tracks from our future album. The surprise was enormous for them, and this evening was really a success.

“Le Contrôle” is a song taken from your debut album, scheduled for September. How long have you worked on this record?

Indeed, “le Contrôle” is the flagship title of our album “Anaglyphe” which will be released in autumn 2023. The recording of this album in the CSD Studios is taking a little longer than expected because we have reviewed our ambitions after a few weeks of registration. We have several tracks that lend themselves to orchestration, to real production, and with our artistic director we decided to go in this direction. There are really certain songs like “Les Âmes Maudîtes” or “Mirages” which are magnified by this artistic choice. In short, while waiting for the release of the album, we invite you to come and listen to our singles “Le Contrôle” or “SYNDROME” released on the platforms a few months ago. Take a look at our clip “Le Contrôle” on YouTube that will surprise you, we are sure.

Thanks to Distrolution for this interview! See you soon in concert!

Thanks for your time!

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