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MPM Producer talks about his debut EP, “Reborn”!

The rock artist MPM Producer has recently revealed his debut EP, “Reborn”, out now on major streaming platforms. Marco Porrà, the artist behind MPM Producer, took some time to answer a couple of questions for us. Check out the full interview below!

Hello MPM Producer, thanks for your time. How are you doing in such a crazy time?

Hi there! I’m actually doing pretty good! I’m making music, studying promotion techniques, trying to increase different aspects of my business.

You’ve recently revealed your new EP, titled “Reborn”. How long have you worked on this release?

The idea of the EP started one year ago circa. I had to travel to my studio in Italy (I’m currently living in UK), in order to complete it.

How was the overall writing process for this EP?

I decided to take care in almost every aspect, from writing to recording, to mixing it.

So, after the first demos, I asked my friend Rob Miles (amazing drummer), to develop and record the ideas I wrote for the demo. I played guitars, basses, electronics a few weeks later. I came in UK with everything and I recorded the vocals, bringing my own microphone, in a rehearsal room. The final was probably the hardest part.

Your choice to mix punk rock with other genres such as hip hop or electronic is really interesting. What pushed you to go to this universe?

The will to make something personal and unique. Also, being a music lover, it’s impossible for me to not stay updated with music trends.

I like mainstream music as well, but it’s clear that a lot of mainstream music is getting somehow corny. A lot of hip-hop music is. Once the beat is done, there are no variations, no additional instruments. So, I figured out this style, trying to make a compromise between being “comfortable” and “unexpected” for the listener.

You’ve so far released two music videos for songs taken from this new release. Do you plan on releasing another video for another single this year?

Yes, another music video will be released in the next few months.

Can you share your other upcoming projects for the end of the year and 2021?

I do a lot of things in music. I produce for other composers and artists.

I have two side projects on digital stores as well: Kimo Shabi (new age, modern music for introspection) and Virgo’s Revenge (EDM project, just for training and fun).

All of these elements help me to develop my main project which is MPM Producer, the solo project. My goal is to be constant and try to release music every year, so hopefully we’ll have another EP in 2021.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Yay! If you type Mpmproducer you’ll find me on Instagram, and over the major social platforms under the same name. Give this EP a chance. It may sound weird at the beginning, but after a while it can sound like something new to you.

Thanks for your time!

Picture by Giulio Farris

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