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MPM Producer talks about his experience as a musician and producer

Marco Porrà, known as MPM Producer, has recently unveiled a new single, titled “Lives on Air”. In this brand new interview, Marco is here to talk about his way to spend time during quarantine. As well as his experience as a musician and producer. Check out the full interview below!

MPM Producer

Picture by Giulio Farris

Hello MPM Producer, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your music project to our readers?

Hello! MPM Producer is a modern musician who produces, arrange and mixes his own stuff. It’s definitely about all my previous experiences in music mixed together! It’s a personal modern punk rock, filled with sounds from urban, trap and electronic in general.

You definitely have a lot of knowledge musically speaking, as you’re a guitar player, songwriter and have also studied for a degree in electronic music and sound engineering. Do you consider this as a plus compared to other bands or artists?

Thank you! Well, somehow, it is. But trying to do something alone is definitely not easy, there are pros and cons. I can save a lot of money on the production side. But I don’t have bandmates to split the expenses with (for a music video, for example).

And definitely a LOT of work, but I don’t complain. I’m glad I can handle everything by myself at this point.

MPM Producer

How do you spend your time during quarantine?

I guess the previous answer counts on that one too 🙂 I know a lot of fellow musicians and artists who are basically enjoying this moment.

I guess I got lucky this was the scheduled period for the release of the EP. I’m doing interviews and taking care of the promotion.

Also, I watch movies, I try to work out regularly. I try my best 🙂

A lot of bands and artists were scared to release something during the quarantine because it meant that all shows would be cancelled. Did you ever thought you might postpone the release of your new single?

I thought about it. But in the end, as I said in some past interview, I was not thinking about doing gigs in the immediate future. I need to think about some details to valorize an eventual live show. That being said, I thought it was better for me to come out with the singles and see reactions out there.

Speaking of new single… “Lives on Air” was recently released along with a music video. What’s the story behind this song?

As it often happens for my songs, it is something that I thought on a personal experience of mine. I saw people hanging out together and really not speaking to each other, I saw people attracted by likes… and many other stuffs. It was natural to me to write about it. It’s not even a message, it’s a description, it’s a photo. You just take your messages from that.

But yeah, I cannot lie if I need to ask if you are “praying for confirmation or just scared to disappear?”

I’m very proud of the video though. Guys from Banano Studios really transformed my idea in a great shooting. We indeed worked hard on deciding what were the best visual FX, how to valorize the concept… and the video came out. “Black Mirror” and “In time” quotes are not random. We are already living a “future”… which is not so far.

This song is taken from your upcoming debut EP. Anything you can share about this upcoming release?

Two different music worlds (production and live music) combined together! It can be mind-blowing for someone.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Thank you guys for the space, I hope you can enjoy my music. Feel free to follow me on socials if you want to stay updated. (Yeah, I’m talking about socials, it’s funny. Well, the thing is that I use them for something. No offence to anyone).

Thanks for your time!

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