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Oxbloods talk about their debut EP ‘Collisions’!

Oxbloods‘ forthcoming debut EP release ‘Collisions’, will be self-released on the 20th April 2018. The band was nice enough to take some time to answer a few questions for us. Learn more about the band’s upcoming EP below!


Photo: Jack Valentine

Hello Oxbloods, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution. Could you please tell us who’s in your band and about how your band first formed?

Charlie: “Hi I’m Charlie, and I do vocals”.
Chris: “I’m Chris, and I play guitar”
Matt L: “I’m Matt, and I also play guitar”
Alex: “I’m Alex, and I play drums”
Matty A: “I’m Matty, I play Bass”

Matt L: “The year was 2016, it was summer, me and Alex met up for a Nandos (as you do) to discuss possibly starting some sort of project together. At that point mine and Matty’s old band hadn’t been broken up too long and we was looking for the next thing for us to do. I knew about Alex’s music past from brief chats with him in passing whilst in uni, so I knew there was potential for something to be put in the works. A few days later we all met up and demoed our first few songs, and then the rest of it is history.”

You guys are about to release ‘Collisions’ on the 20th April. Can you tell us more about this release? What kind of songs can we indeed expect on this debut EP?

ML: “A 7 track collection of songs we’ve finally need crafted over the past year. With a mixture of different themes, emotion and feel. It’s something we’re very proud of and can’t wait to show everyone.”

Your debut single ‘Clinton’ was unveiled a few weeks ago. Would you say that this song was the one that best reflected the spirit of your EP?

Charlie: “Not necessarily the EP, but it was the right introduction for the band.”

Alex: “I think the quirkyness of opening guitar part is enough to catch the listener’s attention. And from then on hook them in, which is why we felt like it was the right song to introduce ourselves with.”

Speaking of the songs on this EP. Which one is your personal favorite track and why?

Chris: “Ab Initio. First song we wrote together. I’ve been listening to it for over a year now and I still get a massive kick when we start to build up the verses. And my opinion its the perfect use of dynamics in writing for our genre. Plus I have a guitar solo in there that’s really easy and satisfying to play live.”

Matt L: “Stockholm for me due to it being a labour of love from the start. I remember writing the opening part and thinking that everything has to match the start of the song. The whole song is energetic and fun to play as well, which is why I’m looking forward to playing it live.”

Apart from the release of your debut EP, what else can we expect from Oxbloods in 2018? A tour, maybe?

Matty A: “We have our first show on June 22nd at The Castle Hotel in Manchester which we’re really excited for, and we’re looking to tour at some point this year.”

Matt L: “We’re currently writing more material as well, so a potential single or the start of EP 2 could happen also, who knows!”.

Thanks for your time guys!

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