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Rockers Don Pong Ninja Master talk about their debut EP!

We’re back this week with a brand new interview, introducing you this time to the Belgian rockers DON PONG NINJA MASTER. Learn more about the band’s debut EP, titled “Greetings from Us”, as well as their upcoming projects below!


Hello Don Pong Ninja Master, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Don Pong Ninja Master is a Belgian band with eclectic inspirations from Metalcore to Indie passing by Rap. In the album as in the shows, we sail between headbanging breakdowns and emotional parts.

The band is composed by five Ninjas. François Senpai (Vocals/piano)., Martin San (Vocals/samples), Pierre Sama (Guitars), Diego Sensei (Bass/visuals) and Noé Dono (Drums).

How would you describe the Belgian rock scene?

The Belgian rock scene is really great if you look at the existing bands. There is a lot of various bands with a lot of talent. Unfortunately, the state doesn’t support those bands and it’s really difficult to be programmed on stages and to have visibility in the medias. It’s a pity because the Belgian rock scene and the Belgian scene overall have a lot of good artists.

You’ve just released your debut EP, titled “Greetings from Us”. Can you please introduce this release to our readers?

“Greetings from US” is our very first EP. It contains 5 songs. The idea was to give five songs with heavy riffs but also songs with different sonority/sound. We have tried to show a coherence between all the songs and the visual chart of the EP. The album has been producing 100% independently with our friends and acquaintances and we’re really proud of it.

“Greetings from US” was mixed by our friend André Six, who’s probably one of the best independent music producer in Belgium.

How long have you worked on this EP?

Some songs were written like three years ago, but we really began to work on the EP in January 2019. We took more than a year to record and mix the whole album. It can seem a long time for five songs but all of us have to work or study, so it was hard to coordinate our schedules between us and with the other persons who worked on it.

If you had to pick one song that best reflects the spirit of this release, which one would it be and why?

All the songs are reflecting a musical part of the band but if we have to choose, it may be Dignity (track 4) because there is a mix of harmonic parts, catchy chorus and heavy breakdowns. Those three components are the foundations of the band.

How’s your usual writing process for your songs?

We don’t have a real writing process. Generally, one of us comes with an idea and we build the song all together with our different influences.

The last words are for you. If you have any other projects in the making, please do not hesitate to talk about it.

Thanks for the interview first.

We are always searching for new shows so if any readers want us to play somewhere, it will be a pleasure. Moreover, we like to have comments and opinion about our music, so don’t hesitate to give it. We’ll end up by giving you the real signification of the name DON PONG NINJA MASTER.

DON PONG NINJA MASTER = To beat the MASTER, the NINJA should master the ping PONG.

Thanks for your time!

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