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Rockers DZETA talk about the French rock scene and debut album!

I’m back with a brand new interview, introducing you guys this time to the French rockers DZETA. We’re here to talk about the French rock scene, as well as the band’s debut album, “New Skin”. Check out their answers below!


Hello, DZETA! Thanks for your time! For those who don’t know you yet, would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

DZETA is a rock band based in Paris, France. We’re four members: Sarah Jad (lead vocals), Alice Atkins (bass), Carlos Dominguez (drums) and Didier Tacnet (guitar). DZETA has a wide set of influences; from Deep Purple, Aerosmith and Queen to P!nk or Halestorm. We just released our debut album, called ‘New Skin’, in March 2019.

How would you describe the rock scene in Paris, France?

Still resisting (laughs)! In Paris as in many other places, rock is not the most popular thing (compared to rap or electronic music). But well, there IS a rock scene, and people who are in it are truly passionate. There are several venues to play in and outside Paris, and people still love going to shows, having a beer and enjoying live and loud music… which is what DZETA is about! 

How do you manage your time between your personal / professional life and the band? Isn’t it hard?

Sarah is a professional singer, and the rest of us have jobs on the side to make a living. It’s always a challenge to find enough time to rehearse and manage the band since we do everything by ourselves. But it also allows us to develop the band the way we think is best and make it grow at our pace. We just have to organize our time efficiently and set up some kind of routine … which is always the case if you want to do anything seriously!

You released your debut album, “New Skin”, back in March 2019. Would you mind introducing this release to our readers?

The album “New Skin” is the result of five years working together as a band. Didier founded DZETA back in 1984 with a totally different lineup! The name of the album, “New Skin”, refers to this new association of members with various musical backgrounds – classic rock, hard rock, pop music, progressive rock, glam… resulting in a unique set of musical ideas and arrangements. The album comprises twelve tracks and each one of them has its unique style.

Where do you find your inspiration?

In our musical influences and life experiences. Also a lot in Didier’s wine and pasta.

How would you describe the writing process within the band?

We often start with a guitar riff (Didier has about a hundred of them waiting in line). Then we all write our parts, Sarah writes the lyrics, and we think about musical arrangements, brass orchestras, gospel choirs and stuff. Carlos is really good at arranging songs and adding harmonies.  But we don’t have one single way of writing, songs can start in many ways.

Any funny story to share with us from your recording sessions?

There is one arrangement in the song ‘To The Top’ that sounds exactly like Noddy (Oui-Oui in French) when he drives in his car. It sure deserves its spot in a hard rock song!

The last words are for you. If you have any message to convey, here’s your chance!

Our album is available everywhere you can dream about, so … go and listen to it, and tell us what you think! We really hope you’ll enjoy it, and can’t wait to meet you at one of our shows.

Band picture by Christophe Meng

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