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Rockers Perseide discuss latest single and upcoming record!

Julien, the lead singer of the French alternative metal band Perseide, took a few minutes to answer a couple of questions for us. Learn more about the band’s latest single, “Remember”, as well as their upcoming second album in our new interview!

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Hello PERSEIDE. To start this interview, please introduce yourselves to our readers!

Hello Valentine! I am Julien and I am the lead singer and rhythm guitarist from the band PERSEIDE. We are four childhood friends that decided to make music together a long time ago. We released two EPs in 2010 and 2011… Then we toured to support these records for several years, notably in the US where we had great live memories. We then took a moment to focus on our personal lives before returning into music with the release of our first album in 2019, “The Only Thing”.

You’ve recently released your new single, “Remember”, featuring Vincent Peignart-Mancini from The Butcher’s Rodeo. How did this collaboration happen?

Well, that is funny because when we were younger, we were fans of the band Aqme, in which Vincent sang, and later The Butcher’s Rodeo. When I wrote this song, I had in mind a trauma of mine. And I thought of Vincent because we both had to struggle with some difficulties at a moment of our lives. The song is about the scars left by these sad situations. They are like a way to remember to stay strong in the future.

This single was released along with a music video, available to watch on YouTube. How was the shooting of the video?

It was an awesome moment. Vincent is an incredibly great guy. As we were impressed to meet him, he was surprised because he sees himself as a quite normal man… He’s very funny, making jokes and laughing all the time. It was a real pleasure to spend some time with him and I hope we will meet again as soon as possible.

“Remember” announces the release of your second album, set to be released this year. How long have you worked on this record and what kind of songs can we expect?

In our creative process, we are consistently writing new songs over and over. As all the band members live in the same area, we can regularly play these news songs together in rehearsal and record the different musical parts progressively. So, I would say that we were already working on this record at the release of its predecessor. Since we were working on it as time came by, this record reflects different pieces of life, and it will share a lot of different emotions!

How would you describe your writing process for this album? How do you split the roles within the band members?

It is always the same process: Adrien or I come with a songwriting baseline, that we improve and arrange all together in rehearsal. The goal of finalizing the songs in rehearsal is to check that they are fitted for live shows, because this is the very essence and core of our musical practice. This is why we came into music. Then, the recording is done part by part incrementally.

You’ll be playing many shows during the summer. What’s the thing you like the most about being on stage?

The stage is the main reason we are making music. Writing, recording, and releasing music is also very fulfilling, but the primary goal is to share emotions with the audience live. It is the better way to live every detail of musical emotions that comes with the musical parts.

Best show you’ve ever played so far and why?

We have a lot of awesome memories, but I think the best one is a set of shows that we have played during a mini tour in the US in summer 2011. Those were little shows with small audiences, but we were all together in this incredible country, and we also met many crazy people.

The last words are for you. If you have any other projects in the making or a message to convey, here’s your chance!

We are already thinking of our third album, some of the songs are already written and are just requiring some improvement… Then our goal is to walk on bigger and bigger stages to share our music with the larger audience possible!

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