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Rockers Prey Drive talk about new single, “Shinjuku”

Despite the quarantine, UK rockers Prey Drive are pretty busy. The guys have indeed unveiled a new single, “Shinjuku”, and are also part of KROD Records’ upcoming charity compilation. Learn more about the band’s upcoming plans in the following interview!

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Hello Prey Drive, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Paul: We are Prey Drive, alt rock band from the UK.

Brad Smith – Vocals

Steve Larke-Mejia – Guitar

Paul Gaul – Bass

Christian Kett – Drums

How do you spend your time during quarantine?

The majority of us work full time so have been continuing with work from home. Obviously, this has had an effect on rehearsals and live shows. So recently we decided to do some covers of some of our favourite bands. We record all our parts separately from our homes and send to it each other via the web. Expect to see some covers on our youtube channel very soon!

A lot of bands were scared to release something during the quarantine because it meant that all shows would be cancelled. Did you guys ever thought you might postpone the release of your new single?

Christian: No, I don’t think so. Some people may have have been unsure as it’s obviously not possible to play any shows around the release. But for us, we wanted to get the music out and let people hear it!

Speaking of new single… “Shinjuku” is out since April 22nd. What’s the story behind this song?

Brad: Shinjuku was inspired by my trip to Tokyo which I had the pleasure of working in for a while. It’s one of the brightest places on earth due to the vast amount of neon lights and was a hugely inspiring place to be.

The song is about comparing your life to other people’s. Always thinking they are ahead and have it all together while you are ‘still spinning around’ trying to find your footing or path in life. It’s about things always changing around you and not being able to control them.

You guys are a part of KROD Records’ celebratory five-year compilation, titled “The Five Years”. All benefits will go towards a cause named Solidarity Not Silence. How did you get involved in the project?

Steve: The whole campaign is something that really shouldn’t be needed, but unfortunately, it is

Jordan, Label Manager, reached out to bands about covering each other for this cause, and it sounded like something really fun. We knew we could do a fairly decent sounding song in my home studio so set about listening to some of the bands. At the time we’d just confirmed a gig with The Deadnotes and once we heard ‘Cardboard’, we decided we’d love to do a take on that.

The cause is also really worthwhile and we get to help out by doing what we love doing, so it was a no brainer really.

Was your cover of The Deadnotes’ single “Cardboard” challenging at any point? 

Steve: We didn’t want to do a radically different version, but we did a Prey Drive version. So, it’s similar, but we just added in slightly heavier guitars, some tapping and lead lines and loads of ‘whoas’ at the end and just had fun with it. It’s a really great song anyway, so was fun to work with.

When we eventually played with The Deadnotes, they’d already heard the song and loved it – so that stamp of approval was also very cool.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to Shinjuku, keep streaming, sharing and stay safe x

Thanks for your time!

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