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Sixty Hours share their new album, “Little Dreamer”

French rockers Sixty Hours have recently revealed their new album, “Little Dreamer” on major streaming platforms. On this occasion, Jérôme Monnier (bass guitar, main composer), took time to answer a couple of questions for us. Check out what we talked about below!

Hello Sixty Hours. Let’s start this written interview by introducing your band to our readers!

Sixty Hours is an alternative rock band from France. The current lineup came together in 2022. We released a 5 tracks demo “This Is Our Place”, in November 2022 and our first full length album “Little Dreamer” in October 2023. Both are fully homemade productions (composing, recording, mixing etc).

You have just revealed your new album, “Little Dreamer”. Can you dig into the themes and inspirations behind the songs on the record?

Jérôme Monnier (bass guitar, main composer): Little Dreamer deals with the relationships we all have with this world, people, nature, addictions … You can imagine whom the lyrics speak to, own them, because there’s no clear mention of that. This is in line with the overall atmosphere of the album, which is what we wanted.

How would you describe your usual writing process? How do you split the roles within the band?

Jérôme Monnier (bass guitar, main composer): I compose the songs alone, and then I submit the music to Jérôme (Vidal). If Jérôme likes it, then we work on the lyrics. I don’t have any pre-planned theme or specific ideas; the inspiration comes along with the music.

Jérôme usually records a first simple demo version. After listening to the song with the rest of the band, everyone brings their part to the instrumental or the lyrics.

For those who haven’t heard it yet, what kind of songs can they expect and what’s the best way to describe the record?

Jérôme Monnier (bass guitar, main composer): Well, the songs are old school oriented. A big use of distorted guitar as a main theme, but also many clean guitars, and acoustic riffs. The voice of Jérôme is vigorous and a bit hoarse, this adds a really rock, maybe southern rock touch to the songs. We like to describe our music as alternative rock, reminding some bands of the 90s and 2000s. However there’s a modern touch in it, with the use of synths and samples. As the album is quite varied, everyone can find their favorite song. We are often told that the choruses stick in the head, or even: “it could air on radio”. That’s a good thing!

In anticipation of the album’s release, you also unveiled a rock cover of Shakira’s single “Whenever Wherever”. A rather ambitious cover, in my opinion. Was it a success?

Jérôme Monnier (bass guitar, main composer): We are really happy of the videoclip. It was a pleasure to work on Shakira’s song, and make it “rock”. I think the audience liked it and didn’t expect such a result.

How was your release party and how was the album received by your fans during the concert?

Jérôme Vidal (Lead vocal, guitar): The concert was a success, we got great comments about the technique and the scenography.

Overall, audience feedback was based on the show overall rather than solely on the songs. Some of the crowd already knew the songs that we had played live before or those taken from the EP. Our goal was to create a whole experience around our songs and live performances, and I think we succeeded in that thanks to our dream-team behind the scenes.

Who’s the artist behind the artwork of your album?

Jérôme Vidal (Lead vocal, guitar): Like many things at sixty hours, the design is done in-house, we all worked on it at some point.

Last but not least. What other plans have you got in store for 2023 – 2024?

Jérôme Vidal (Lead vocal, guitar): At the moment we are working on improving the show for our next concerts. The band will soon reveal dates for 2024 with perhaps a big surprise but it is too early to talk more about it yet.

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