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Spylights talk about their EP ‘The Empath’!

It’s always nice to work with bands overseas and learn more on their music scene. Today, I’m happy to introduce you, readers, to the rockers Spylights. Thanks to their vocalist Vincent, learn more about the band and their EP ‘The Empath’ below!

Hello Spylights! Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for us, at Distrolution! Can you please tell us who is in your band and how did you put Spylights together? First off, thank you for taking the time and giving my band Spylights your attention and the spotlight on this feature! To answer the question, up until just recently I was completely bandless. I was doing it all by myself everyday in the studio for a long time.

Spylights had been lucky to be offered the opportunity to play with the super talented Thank You Scientist. And I needed a full live band put together in time because I was feeling determined and wasn’t going to pass on that opportunity.

We did put together a full live band with only 2 full practices before the show and pulled it off! It was fun and insane at the same time.

The only actual members at this point currently are: Myself, (Vocals & Guitar), Wayne Kron (Guitar), Romain Duffard (Guitar) and Willie Mccullen (Drums).

Spylights is indeed a progressive style alternative rock project from New Orleans. How would you describe the music scene over here? There is so many hungry and talented bands here in the local New Orleans. Alternative, rock, and metal scene that it’s ridiculous!

So much of it goes unnoticed, overshadowed. And even sometimes can get boxed out by the more tourist friendly. Drink shaking, money making, bluesy, funky style music, cover music, brass bands, and bounce rap. Not hating at all in the least. Because I love and enjoy all those styles of music and I have plenty friends heavily involved in all of those styles (besides bounce rap). But it’s been time in New Orleans that real rock and metal bands got their due attention and some more opportunities!

Actually just recently in the last couple of months, I became a partner in the an awesome company called Give it Hell Promotions! We will be helping the rock and metal economy grow for everyone involved, by putting more local bands on more National bills for the right exposure. Also since we are also a non profit organization, it’s our job to put all the money we make right back into the local scene, the local bands, and our overall musical economy!

From all the songs on your EP ‘The Empath’, is there one you’re especially proud of? If yes, which one is it and why would you pick this one, instead of another? I’m very proud of all of them from the EP. I couldn’t pick just one because they all have different feels and moods. But I am particularly fond of the song “Constellations“ and it’s combination of Rock, Prog, Jazz, and Classical all with a meaningful hook!

Can we talk about your EP’s artwork? Who created it and what does it mean to you? It was a combination of many things that my artist put together for me. Like vintage paintings, layers ,actual pictures of stars and space, and a kids fairy tale style logo! I feel like the cover and the record itself both represent a certain innocence and curiosity that we all have inside of us still.

The message carries a strong feel of positivity and brutal realism, while encouraging the escape and destruction of self made or circumstantial barriers to be free and who you truly are.


You stated on your Facebook page that we can indeed expect new music real soon. Can you tell us more about it? What kind of songs can we indeed expect for 2018? Well the Spylights debut Ep will be released worldwide on Bandcamp.com, ITunes, Spotify, Google Music… And all the other music outlets in July! The record is being mixed by the incredible and talented Jonathan Dolesce from KonKrete Studios here in New Orleans!

He was nice enough to take on the project and mix the EP for me. After I had already ran into so many black clouds and issues with previous mixing engineers and strokes of bad luck. I am full confident he will knock it out the park. And I will have a smile from ear to ear while I am listening to the final mixes when they are finished! So grateful.

Last but not least, you also stated that you “can’t wait for Spylights to be playing shows with a full band”. Have you found new band members yet? Not just yet, but I am definitely still on the hunt for a couple members to complete the puzzle. We still need a keyboard player/synth player capable of playing piano, organs, and doing some light background vocals couldn’t hurt. We also need a permanent bass player as well.

Hopefully the right dedicated, passionate, and talented players will come along. And fall into our laps, so we can move to the next step of our musical evolution!

Thanks for your time! No, thank you and the pleasure is all mine! Thank you for this opportunity to be featured  in this! Cheers and much love!

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