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UK rockers Dead Reynolds talk about new single, “Bright Lights”

We’re starting this week with a brand new interview with UK rockers Dead Reynolds, who have recently dropped their new single, titled “Bright Lights”. Check out what we talked about below!

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Picture: Sam J Lance

Hello Dead Reynolds, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Sure – Hi, we are Dead Reynolds from East Anglia but more specifically split between Kings Lynn in Norfolk and Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, UK. Alt Rock by nature with hints of pop punk & indie rock but we’ll let you decide. This is us:

Callum – vocals
Dom – guitar and backing vocals
Luke R – Lead guitar
Ben – Bass
Luke G – drums

With a worldwide pandemic going on, how have you handled the management of your band over the past few months?  

We have been lucky in the respect that we had an EP virtually recorded when the first lock down hit so we had tracks we could put out as singles. We were due to have an album out in April which has had to move as we haven’t been able to get into the studio to complete the tracks. Social media has been massive for us as it has for everyone, but it’s given us the chance to connect with people in a way we previously didn’t. Making more of online music platforms and releasing music digitally has really proved successful for us. We have had more radio plays in the last year and seen more engagement in countries we didn’t realize knew about us! The power of the modern age!!

How would you describe the UK underground scene, in general?

There’s still a massive divide between the bands that are signed and well-funded and the bands that aren’t and trying to do it on a more DIY basis. The venues on the more underground scene are more real and attract the real music fans and so we love playing on this scene. Meeting people, getting up close and personal and being in the thick of it is where we are at!

You have recently revealed your new single, titled “Bright Lights”. What’s the story behind this song?

Bright Lights was written in January 2020 by Dom Greenwood as part of a batch of songs for the EP Frontier and originally never thought as of a single. However, it has been re-imagined and with the help of producer Jack Murphy has captured the essence of what we are about with power, drive and anthemic melodies. But also capturing a new sound previously seen on Voices that sees us taking a more modern rock approach and bridging genres.

Bright Lights is basically about a relationship and that relationship can be anything from a person to an object to a mental health issue, thought, feeling or emotion. The idea that you can become so obsessed with someone or something and then end up feeling the opposite and withdraw yourself from it. “Take a deep breath, for you will never follow me” is an example of the relationship trying to take a grip on you again.

Waiting for a chance to set you free or be set free and then the Bright Lights will shine as if to signify the start of something new. A situation that many people can relate to and maybe just need to lose themselves from time to time to keep the monster at bay!

The single is taken from your upcoming debut album, “Breathe with Strangers”, scheduled for August. What kind of songs can we expect on this record?

The album will feature a mix of songs and we hope there will be something for everyone!! There will be some songs that have been re-imagined from Eps we have put out in the past as well as a number of new ones that people won’t have heard as we haven’t played live in over a year! We have been working really hard to write songs that really put over the development of the band and showcase the power and passion we have with issues that affect people.

Any funny stories to share from your recording or writing sessions?

There is generally a stich up going on somewhere!

We were at the studio on Halloween as things had relaxed a little bit and we decided to put Luke our drummer in his hardware case. Surprisingly, he fitted in it and we managed to close the lid and just left his hand outside waggling around! When Callum came into the studio and turned on the lights and was faced with the box moving and a hand poking out you can imagine his reaction!!! You kind of had to be there but it was funny!

I am currently looking for new bands to discover. What’s your favorite track right now?

Have a look at Kid Kapichi – Glitterati is cool.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

These times are testing and the last few months have seen the world change beyond recognition however, music will see us through. There is so much passion in lyrics, riffs, breakdowns and chorus’s! Let it take you away if only for 3mins40secs and we will get through this! Rock on and we will see you down the front again… Where we all belong!

Thanks for your time!

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