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Worst Case Stereo talk about their live experiences and latest single!

Let’s start this week with a brand new interview with the French rockers Worst Case Stereo. We’re talking here about the band’s latest single “Bad Omens”, as well as their live shows. Check out the full interview below!

Worst Case Stereo

Hello, Worst Case Stereo! Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Mathilde: Hi, we’re a french rock band from Paris. I’m on vocals, Julien on guitar, Thomas on bass and Nico on drums. We always struggle to agree on what subgenre we play, but agreed on something around grunge. Basically we have a loud distortion on bass, a drummer who smashes the drums like there’s no tomorrow, volume cranked up on the guitar amp. So I often have to scream my lungs out to be heard.

How would you describe the French rock scene?

Julien: Dead as fuck! Just kidding… The thing is that even in big city like Paris, it’s harder and harder to find venues scheduling rock/grunge/alternative bands. It’s really sad…

That being said, there has always been an underground rock scene in Paris. And at the moment, we’re happy to see several bands emerging, like Psychotic Monks, KO KO MO, Th Da Freak, Pogo Car Crash Control or Johnny Mafia. There also seems to be a revival of the 90’s and we love that.

You recently released your single “Bad Omens”, would you mind introducing this release to our readers?

Nico: This is a song we play in the middle of our set. It starts with a soft introduction, just guitar and vocals.  But as soon as the drums kicks in, the song radically changes. It becomes much more dynamic and aggressive, creating a strong contrast that really strikes the audience. 

Where did you find your inspiration for this song?

Mathilde: This song is special to me. It’s about despair and losing the ones we love. I indeed received a phone call one day: my father had been involved in an accident. For a second I really thought he was dead. He was alright, fortunately but I used that strong emotional moment for the lyrics.

I saw that you played the semi-finale of the Emergenza contest on May 11th. How was the show?

Thomas: It was one of our best gigs, and the 4 of us are aligned on that! The New Morning is a mythical concert venue. It was packed, and the audience was hot as hell. We really had a blast. Videos are coming soon by the way!

Talking about Emergenza, there’s a lot of good (and maybe bad) things to say about this kind of contests. But the truth is that it’s probably the best way to test your new songs in front of people who did not come for you. Always a great experience and good learnings and also a good way to meet new bands.

Speaking of live shows: What do you like the most about being on stage?

Julien: It’s the moment I finally hit the first note and stop being super anxious! (laughing). No really, our set starts with Mathilde screaming, that always stirs up the crowd and kicks our asses.

Nico: Yeah, when the first song begins and you hear people screaming, it’s so motivating. Also, when you see the crowd jumping in the pit while we play, you think “OMG -, that’s why i’m doing it”.

Last but not least, would you mind sharing with us your upcoming projects for the rest of the year? Thanks for your time!

Mathilde: Keep uploading new songs and play as many gigs as possible. We have many songs ready to be recorded but you’ll find out more about that by following us on our social media.

Thanks for your time!

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