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Introducing the Italian rockers Laederbraun!

I’m happy to introduce you today to the Italian rockers Laederbraun. Learn more about the band and their latest release below!


Hello Laederbraun, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution. Could you please tell us who’s in your band and about how your band first formed? Laederbraun is an Italian rock project that has its roots in the picturesque province of Lecco. The band was born from an idea of Simone Goretti (guitarist composer) flanked by the inseparable drummer Antonio Romano, which gathers around him the best artists to give body to the all: the stratospheric voice of Isabella Conca (little more than twenty years old!), the granite bass by Gionata Montanelli and the cello of the Grand Master Michele Nasatti burst into the band.

How would you describe the rock scene in Italia? How much has it indeed evolved over the years? I think that the Italian music scene is, with rare exceptions, very commercial oriented! Unfortunately, the Internet turned out to be a double-edged weapon: on the one hand it allowed very little to spread its music, on the other it made everything very usable and so the audience is much more superficial and we tend to do things that might more visually than qualitatively.

Could you please introduce your latest album “Ade” to our readers? Why did you pick this name for this release? Why title an album Ade? Because Ade is the everyday: the space within which we move every day, characterized by dangers, strokes of luck, randomness, joys, loves, pains, betrayals, where everything could change or not, every moment, if only we wanted it!

Speaking of this new album, I’m sure that you guys have at least one funny story to tell us from your recording sessions. Am I right? Please say yes. Sure! As in any experience, there is always something fun or better than ironic! After a lot of rehearsals of direct recordings, comes the fateful day of the recordings and what happens? Unbelievable! The drummer has 40 °C fever !! OMG! He looked like a ghost, white-green and broke in pieces like a puzzle! Truly a cosmic misfortune! Nevertheless it gave a test of excellent quality!

This is probably the hardest question I’m asking in this interview, but if you had to highlight ONE track from your album, which one would you choose and why? Each piece has its own story and each piece is important. But if we have to choose one, he wins “Son qui x Te”. This song contains the essence Laederbraun: anger, sadness, joy, desire for rebirth, effrontery, sensuality and power, in a continuous kaleidoscope of emotions.

To finish, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you think is important to pass onto other bands? When everything seems impossible and the obstacles seem insurmountable, just at that moment you have to lower your head and rush! Learning to use frustrations and difficulties as fuel is essential because the goal is always uphill!

Thanks for your time!

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