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Introducing the punk, alternative rock duo The Muted!

Introducing the punk, alternative rock duo The Muted, formed by two brothers in 2017. Learn more about the band and their debut album ‘Ripped Jeans and Snakebites’ below!

The Muted

Hello The Muted, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution. Could you please tell us who’s in your band and about how your band first formed? The Muted consists of two brothers aged 15 and 16, called Jack (guitar/vocals) and Max (drums/backing vocals). We first formed in 2017 as ‘Muted’ which was an instrumental band. Later that year we decided to rebrand as ‘The Muted’ and we now have songs with vocals.

Why did you decide to start a band? Well we’ve been playing music pretty much half our lives. And over time, we started to record our sessions. We had no intention of releasing songs or even becoming a proper band until we became more developed. Around mid 2017, while writing songs which soon became apart of our latest album, ‘Ripped Jeans and Snakebites’. The Muted was formed.

Can you tell us more about your album ‘Ripped Jeans and Snakebites’? What kind of songs can we indeed expect on it? ‘Ripped Jeans and Snakebites’ takes the theme of how not being an individual (a sheep as we call it), can have a negative impact on society. You can expect punky/fast paced songs such as ‘Sheep’ and ‘Seriously’ to more mellow/alternative songs such as ‘On’ and ‘Homesick’.

Speaking of the songs on this album. Which one is your personal favorite track and why? Our personal favourite track from the record is probably Neon Sign. Because it is pretty catchy and also super fun to play live. 

Apart from the release of your album, what else can we expect from The Muted in 2018? A tour, maybe? There are no real plans for a tour at the moment. Although, we hope to fit a few shows in later this year and we’ve also been in contact with a couple of bands. However, nothing is confirmed yet. Hopefully next year a tour will be planned!

Thanks for your time!

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