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Introducing you guys to the French punks, Raincheck!

And we’re back with a brand new interview, introducing you guys to the French punks, Raincheck! Check out the full interview below 🙂


Hello RAINCHECK, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band, as well as your roles in it?

Hi Valentine, we are Raincheck from Lyon France, a 4-piece combo, playing punk hardcore in the vein of Shook Ones, Kid Dynamite or Good Riddance. We‘ve played in various punk rock band before this one, Alex play drums, Jan is on bass, Julien is our guitar player and I’m the singer.

How would you guys describe the punk rock scene in Lyon, France (or in France in general)?

Here in Lyon and around, the punk rock scene is still active. We usually see new bands coming out and we’re glad to see that we have a lot of new people that refresh the scene, promoting shows or making radio podcasts to keep the scene alive. Shout out to Warmaudio, Chaos Project, Young for eternity, Tous en Tong and Broke the Kasbah!

It’s the subject of the moment… How do you spend your time during quarantine?

Haha like everyone I guess, we stayed at home and drank beers! At least it gave us some spare time to work on some details for our new Ep, Last call.

You plan on releasing your new EP after the Covid-19 pandemic. How long have you worked on it?

So “last call” is a 6 tracks ep that we recorded in December 2019 at Warmaudio Studio in Decines (France). This new EP is gonna be released with a bunch of cool DIY labels from France Switzerland and Germany:

Bad Wolf (Dijon)

Inhumano (Suisse)

KROD Records (Berlin)

Knardage Asso (Nevers)

Histrion (Clermont-Ferrand)

Out Of Thunes (Paris)

Joe Cool Records (us in Lyon)

How were the whole writing and recording processes? Any funny story to share with our readers?

We take our time to write music, try some parts, rewrite it till we’re all happy with the result. So I think we started writing some of the songs like 3 years ago! Everything has gone pretty well, and finally, one day, we decided to book the studio!

We recorded this EP by ourselves, with our drummer Alex “2 doigts dans la prise”. So absolutely no pressure around, we just wanted to sound as gnarly and pissed as we possibly could!

As a preview, you dropped “Cleaned Out”, a single taken from this upcoming EP. What’s the story behind this song?

“Cleaned Out” is a song about being broke, and how you feel trapped when it happens, it’s just about the reality of money-driven life. We think that this short song could be a good introduction to our band, it sums up pretty well what we wanna do with this record.

Can we expect a music video for this song, or for another song taken from the EP?

We did a Lyric video for this song, but we’d love to go further and make a music video, it’s in our minds, but not launched for now.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Well thanks a lot for the itw Valentine and for your support, and to all, please follow Joe cool records, https://joecoolrecords.bandcamp.com/

That’s what we do when we can’t play with Raincheck, a DIY label that we made with Julien (Raincheck’s Guitarist). We have a bunch of new releases coming out such as the new record of Makeshift Promise, a Hungarian punk rock band that is returning with a cool PMA (not so easy in Hungary right now) after 6 years.

Thanks for your time!

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