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King Diamond – three new LP re-issue

On August 17th, King Diamond will release LP re-issues of the classic albums ‘Abigail II: The Revenge’, ‘House of God’, and ‘Voodoo’ via Metal Blade Records.

Available as 180g picture discs, these exclusive editions can be purchased now at http://www.metalblade.com/kingdiamond .

“You can spiral yourself into darkness with these classic King Diamond albums, or you can exhibit them on your wall like I will. Either way, enjoy.” – King



Abigail II: The Revenge

Side A
1. Spare This Life
2. The Storm
3. Mansion in Sorrow

Side B
4. Miriam
5. Little One
6. Slippery Stairs

Side C
7. The Crypt
8. Broken Glass
9. More Than Pain

Side D
10. The Wheelchair
11. Spirits
12. Mommy
13. Sorry Dear


House of God

Side A

1. Upon the Cross
2. The Trees Have Eyes
3. Follow the Wolf

Side B

4. House of God
5. Black Devil
6. The Pact

Side C

7. Goodbye
8. Just a Shadow
9. Help!!!
10. Passage to Hell

Side D

11. Catacomb
12. This Place Is Terrible
13. Peace of Mind



Side A
1. Louisiana Darkness
2. LOA House
3.Life After Death

Side B

4. Voodoo
5. A Secret
6. Salem

Side C

7. One Down Two to Go
8. Sending of Dead
9. Sarah’s Night

Side D

10. The Exorcist
11. Unclean Spirits
12. Cross of Baron Samedi
13. If They Only Knew
14. Aftermath

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