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A great man once said: “Wisdom is in the head and not in the beard.” Well, to this very day we still have no clue as to who that man was, and quite frankly… We don’t give a sh*t.

Here at Bearded Punk Records we decided it was about time to let our passion take the upper hand and show the world wisdom in fact ís in the beard.

In starting our own record label, we pride ourselves on always being ready and willing to help out in as many ways as we can. Our main focus is on getting national and international bands out there for the world to see and on always trying to see eye to eye with each and every one of them, fitting an agreement to their size. If you’re not happy, then neither are we!

Artistes / roster / releases :

BPR 001 | Black Sheep – Motion Pictures
BPR 002 | Coma Commander – Council Of The Jackalope
BPR 003 | Trophy Lungs – Day Jobs
BPR 004 | You Nervous? – Furry Tales
BPR 005 | Hans Roofthooft & Red Cloud – Split EP
BPR 006 | For I Am – 15 Minutes Late (reissue)
BPR 007 | Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish – Demo
BPR 008 | Kamikaze Girls – Sad
BPR 009 | Spanish Love Songs – Giant Sings The Blues
BPR 010 | Steele Justice – That Sure Escalated Quickly
BPR 011 | Aree And The Pure Heart – ♥
BPR 012 | Drum Drum Dance Dance – Self titled
BPR 013 | Pas De Chance
BPR 014 | The Priceduifkes – Goathorse
BPR 015 | For I Am – All About Perspectives
BPR 016 | The Penske Files – Burn Into The Earth
BPR 017 | New Trash – Circle
BPR 018 | Le Domi – Discover
BPR 019 | Tim Van Doorn – Until I Find Myself Again
BPR 020 | Boxing Day _ Lost And Found
BPR 021 | The Dopamines – Tales Of Interest
BPR 022 | Steele Justice – Neonlight Blue
BPR 023 | Charlie Bit My Finger – Third Time’s A Farm
BPR 024 | Hans Roofthooft / Matteo Caldari Acoustic Split
BPR 025 | F.O.D. & Friends – Music 4 Life single!

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