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Based in Europe, Italy, DEFOX Records is an association and independent record label dedicated to promoting an extensive variety of international bands and artists.
DEFOX Records also offers full-service promotional solutions, strategic consulting and marketing services.

The mastermind behind DEFOX Records is Mirko DeFox Galliazzo, an Italian executive producer and label consultant with an uncommonly elaborate list of collaborations and expertise. In addition to managing a diverse collection of assorted music websites, Mirko is also a member of many professional music industry associations that include several artists communities and forums involved with music publishing and licensing.
In an effort to organize the variety the bands and artists represented, DEFOX Records has opted to create several sub-labels to help categorize and distinguish each production by musical genre.

The division of DEFOX Records that is dedicated to hard rock, progressive rock and heavy metal music is HEART OF STEEL Records.
DEFOX Records added yet another sub-labels to their list, this time to honor the extreme metal genres, called INVINCIBLE RECORDS, and to promote the Horror-Gothic-Metal, GlamPunk, Postrock, Alternative genre called BUBBLE BLOOD RECORDS, also EUR RECORDS to promote the mainstream, pop and italian bands, BRIT BEAT RECORDS to promote the sixties, brit, power pop

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We have worked with ARTISTS & PROJECTS :
(Promotion, Sales, Marketing, A&R, Management, Consulting, Distribution, Label, Publishing, Licensing, Production, Booking…)
In casual order;

La Famiglia Superstar, Steve Lukather, Doug Aldrich, Don Dokken, Reb Beach, George Lynch, Timothy Drury, Steve Saluto, Gianni Rojatti’s Dolcetti, Sunrise, Leonardo, Sister Hyde, Shining Fear, Armonight, Neversin, Dark Lord, Arthur Falcone, John Macaluso (Symphony X, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, James LaBrie), Pantheon, Stamina, Eva, Lyin Rampant, Burner, Ivory, Serena Rock Band, Fallen Silver, Betoken, Axton, Scala Mercalli, Winters Dawn, Mistrust, Superhorrorfuck, Marauder, Lymph, Dark Ages, Fireyed, Bombshells, Black Hole, Canada, X-Hero, Red Cadillac, Alberto Rigoni, New India Co, Gli Avvoltoi, Lady & the BASS…

Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy), Atma Anur (Cacophony, Greg Howe), Terry Ilous (Xyz, Great White), Alex De Rosso (Dokken), Richie Kotzen (Mister Big, Poison), Doug Wimbish (Madonna, Living colors), Goran Edman (Malmsteen), Chris Caffery (Savatage), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Jeff L’Hereux (Culprit), Stewartie Adams (Tytan, Heavy Pettin), Michael T. Ross (Angel, Lita Ford, Missing Persons), Robert Lowe (Candlemass), Fabrizio Grossi (Nina Hagen, Guano Apes, Steve Vai), James Christian (House of Lords), Alex Masi, Alex Stornello, Andrea Martongelli, Felix Martin, Franco Maria Serena, Joao Colaco, Damiano Roi…

Whiteskull, Adam Bomb, Vanity Ink, Uli John Roth (Scorpions), Brocas Helm, Solitude Aeternus, Arthemis, Battle Roar, Argeid L’ham, Heat, Dead Sexy Inc, Skanners, Assedium, Feline Melinda, Chuck Fryers (Sorrows), Andrea Braido, Ruggero Robin, Pitura Freska, Le Orme, Labirinth, Black Jester, Spitfire, Wyvern, Rain, Dark Quarterer, Gunfire, the Black, Marshall, Raising Fear, Loadstar, Xipe, OJM, The Sade, Bullfrog, Cherry Lips, Epitaph, Paris B., Atomkrieg, Frenetica, Contrasto, Rebel Toys, Strange Corner, Wild Roses, Dagh, Swords, Adramelch, Synthesys, Old Flame, Wyxmer, Roskos, Stramonio, Mister Pig, Wildes Tier, Thunderstrom, All souls day, Supernova, Iguana, Overtures, Ballbreaker, Seven Dak Eyes, Rude Forefathers, Shivan, Twintera, Bud Tribe, Tarchon Fist, Uragani, Puppys, Ground Control, 4Th Dimension, Cardiac, Franco Serena, I Royals, Alicate, Prassein Aloga, Killer Klowns, Bad Luck Train, Demeanour, Elixir, Grotesque Orchestra, Dimitriy Pavlovskiy, Glitter Magic, Awrizis, Maieutica, Tezza F., Hard Desire, Addiction for Destruction, Yatrogeny, Xipe Totec, Eclectic Spawn, Bloody Terror, Vinicio Perinotto, Nuclear Strikes, Wild Kitten, Drawzznikk, Fearless, SBS, Brave, Sacrificed, Mindfuel, To What End, Heart Attack, Anastasio Farini, Love Machine, Onnirica, Daily Noise Club, Fire Strike, Midnight Rain, Fox n’Snakes, Deaflock, Eisen Dragon, Hell’s Thrash Horsemen…and many others

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