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Hell for breakfast.
In 2014, a pioneer in the punk rock scene left this world much too early. Nick Babeu, lead singer of Trigger Effect, was a shining example of what can be accomplished as a DIY Punk band from Québec in both English and French. From long drives in a smelly tour van around the world to infamous and dangerous live concerts, he left a legacy that will never be forgotten. Inspired by his contributions to the music scene, we created HELL FOR BREAKFAST. The goal was simple; to give a home across the street for talented, hard working or incredible bands that may not fit our Slam Disques business model (French Artists / 360 development deals) and never have to pass on forgotten catalogues and orphaned artists. We believe that good music shouldn’t disappear simply because a label or band dies, moves on or breaks up. We have the time, passion and the resources. All we can hope for is to create a healthy future for bands. How did we find the perfect name? Simple. In honor Nick Babeu and his legacy, we named our new home HELL FOR BREAKFAST by combining Trigger Effects “Drugs for Breakfast” with their album “Dare to Ride the Heliocraft”.

Artistes / roster / releases :

Obey The Brave
Balance (July 19th 2019)

Les Shirley
EP “Les Shirley” (April 26th 2019)

The Matchup
New album (2019)
Cool your Djent
Alternative To Metal
Turbo Power Excellent

Dirt Cannon
What eats you
Tough love
Get Beaten

Fortune cookie club
Les chansons de la gloire – Best Of (2019)
L’Histoire c’est maintenant
Les chansons de la honte
Passer l’âge d’or

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