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KROD RECORDS is an independent record label located in Berlin, Germany and in Lyon, France, established in 2015 by Jordan Calvi and Loïc Gauthey. We maintain a strong connection with our artists, medias and all the promoters we are working with. The label got fiercely independent diy work ethic. Our artists have been featured in some of the biggest magazines in music today such as Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Noisey and New Noise Magazine. Since 2017, the label is located in two countries – Germany and France. In the end of the Summer 17′, we added in our team Valentin Guérin as our community manager. We also do booking management for our artists and sometimes, we join them touring the world just to spend time with these lovely people.

Artistes / roster / releases :
KRD001 Quitters Move On To Honest Things LP May 1, 2015
KRD002 Earl Grey Passing Time CD/LP October 9, 2015
KRD003 Topsy Turvy’s I Expect Nothing and I’m Still Let Down 10″ October 16, 2015
KRD004 This Life Stories of the Year CD October 14, 2015
KRD005 Fire At Will Life Goes On CD/LP April 14, 2016
KRD006 Colour Me Wednesday Anyone & Everyone 7″ July 12, 2016
KRD007 The Deadnotes I’ll Kiss All Fears Out Of Your Face LP October 7, 2016
KRD008 Adversity Figure Out DL July 20, 2016
KRD009 Fake Off Boréal LP October 27, 2016
KRD010 Raincheck True Love LP March 24, 2017
KRD011S Cold Reading Books & Comfort DL July 18, 2017
KRD011 Cold Reading Sojourner LP/DL September 22, 2017
KRD012S Hightower The Party DL May 22, 2017
KRD012 Hightower Club Dragon CD/LP September 15, 2017
KRD013 Kill Her First Born To Be Strong DL March 29, 2016
KRD014S Dream Nails Deep Heat DL June 5, 2017
KRD015S Dream Nails DIY DL June 28, 2017
KRD016 Kill Her First Kill Her Sexismracismhomophobia First DL February 5, 2014
KRD017 Makeshift Promise I’m Not As Good As I Thought DL April 24, 2014
KRD018 Gibberish Between Timid And Timbuktu DL July 22, 2016
KRD020S Dream Nails Tourist DL October 13, 2017
KRD020 Dream Nails Dare To Care DL October 27, 2017
KRD021S South Berkeley Tiny Rascals DL October 27, 2017

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