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Manic Kat Records

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Website link Facebook profile Twitter profile Instagram profile https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkqyhA3ciMeTkvvB7FhN85w Youtube Channel

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Manic Kat Records is an independent punk label that aims to put the artists first. We work closely with our bands every step of the way to help make their music everything it can be and more. In an industry that models itself off of major record labels, which signs musicians based on “hits,” we aim to create an environment for our artists to grow and develop into the best musical versions of themselves.

Our bands and staff members work side by side in order to create a fun-loving, hard-working, and unified atmosphere so that we can create high quality recordings, starting with each individual song. Artists can feel safe with us and know we are here to put them and their music first, promoting their unique and original sound and delivering nothing but their best with…

Artistes / roster / releases :

The Anchor |
Bad Case of Big Mouth |
Brian Milligram |
Cult Classic |
Get Busy Living |
Hard to Hit |
Love Brooklyn |
Noise Brigade |
NoraStone |
Rival Town |
Serious Matters |
Small Pond Big Fish |
When Thieves Are About |
Wired for Havoc |

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