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We are the echoes of the past, the keepers of the forbidden lore and the ancient wisdom
We are the grimoire of the necromancer, the arcanes and rituals of the black art
We are the memory and voice of the dead, their crypts, vaults, and ossuaries
We are the essence of the darkness, the primordial spirit of the nightside
We are the secrets of the runes, the ethereal knowledge of the Uthark
We are the black flame of Loke, the blazing sword of Surtr
We are the gateway to Urkoas, the roots of the void
We are your path to chaos and darkness….
We are… NEKRART!!!

Artistes / roster / releases :

Elffor / Ifernach / Wendigo
RITE001 Wendigo – Hymnes D’Outre-Tombe MC
RITE002 Ifernach – Maqtewek Nakuset CD
RITE003 Ifernach – Gaqtaqaiaq CD
RITE004 Elffor – Dra sad MC
RITE005 Elffor – Dra Sad II MC
RITE006 Ifernach – Wastow: The Sortilege of Winter A5 digipack
RITE007 Elffor – Impious Battlefields MC
RITE008 Elffor – Dra Sad III MC
RITE009 Balrog – The Shadow and the Flame MC
NKA001 Ifernach – Maqtewek Nakuset TS
NKA002 Ifernach – Gespegewagi Black Metal Patch
NKA003 Ifernach – Black Metal Butchery LS

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