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Learn more about French metallers Gorgon’s upcoming record!

Hi guys, I got the chance to sit down with Paul, vocalist of the French metallers Gorgon. We indeed talked about the band’s forthcoming full-length. Learn more about it below!


Hello Gorgon, thank you so much for taking time to chat with us, here, at Distrolution. First of all, could you please introduce your band to our readers and tell us about how it first formed? Gorgon is a french symphonic death metal band, I created back in 2013. Few line-up changes and one studio album later, we are preparing our 2nd long-length album, to be released this year.

‘Ishassara’ is the first song released by your band since 2016’s ‘Titanomachy’ album. Do you think this song is the one that best reflects the spirit of your forthcoming full-length? Let’s say the song contains lots of elements you’ll be able to find in the album: epic orchestrations & choirs, oriental atmospheres, overall dark and tragic tone… but still there is some place for surprises.

Speaking of this album. Can you tell us more about it? What kind of songs can we expect and when will we be able to hear it? Like ‘Titanomachy’, our new LP is a concept-album – but this time each song will tell a different story (instead of one big story for the whole album), which allowed us to put more intensity in each song. Musically, as I said before, the new material is definitely darker than our previous album, and also we embraced at 100% the oriental/ethnic sound we didn’t dare pushing that far on Titanomachy. We are aiming at a release on Fall 2018. Expect some bombastic, intense and violent story-telling.

How was the recording process for this full-length? Any funny story from the studio, to share with Distrolution’s readers? Actually, album recording process isn’t totally finished yet! ‘Ishassara’ release was very symbolic and strategic to us: We’ve been victims of a catastrophic burglary less than a year ago, in our studio/rehearsal room. (over 20’000€ worth gear stolen), Almost everyone thought it would be the end of our career, so we decided to act quick, and to show that nothing has changed, and that we’re still going on, stronger than ever. So now we are still polishing the album, as there’s lot of shit going on in there! We prefer to take our time to sharpen the arrangements, orchestra etc…

Tell us one random fun fact about each band member of the band. Let’s do this quickly:
Charles is obsessed with big breasts,
Aurel has an ugly Assassin’s Creed tattoo on his forearm,
Julien has some intense OCD going on
I always talk about Star Wars or Rick & Morty when drunk.

Last but not least. I am also based in France (Strasbourg) and from what I’ve experienced over the years, I personally think that the French metal scene is quite surprising. What do you think sets you part from all the other French death metal bands? French metal scene is surprising indeed: Fact is, it is mainly composed of american-wannabe-sounding bands, and in my opinion 99% of French bands sound exactly the same today. Still, the 1% left, delivers some unique & amazing bands (Adagio, Myrath, Trepalium, Alcest, Gojira…). So even if the overall French metal scene seems kinda boring at first sight, some brilliant bands and artists managed to bloom and make a difference in here!

Thanks a lot for your time Paul, it was much appreciated. Guys, if you’re into symphonic death metal bands, please keep an eye on Gorgon’s upcoming record!

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