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Lone Survivors talk about their single, “Lost in my Mind”!

For those who didn’t know them, Lone Survivors is a French progressive metalcore band, featuring the vocalist of Uneven Structure.

Lone Survivors

Lone Survivors is above all the human adventure of 5 musicians whose nothing foreshadowed the meet. They deliver us without complex on this first « concept album ». A work accomplished and powerfull in more ways than one, revealing an experienced and ambitious line up.

Their new album “Ground Zero” particularly reflects the talent of this new generation of emerging band. On their single “Lost in my Mind”, the band comments:

This single traces the history of humanity from the big bang to its future. “Lost in my Mind” precedes the moment when man has destroyed the surface of the planet and must therefore bury himself to continue living (“six feet under”). In the chronology that we live, it is the present!

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