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Massive Wagons release new track “Robot (Trust In Me)”!

English anthemic rockers MASSIVE WAGONS have released brand new track “Robot (Trust In Me)” from their upcoming album “Full Nelson”. The latter will indeed be out on August 10th worldwide.

Massive Wagons

On this release, frontman Baz Mills comments:

Robot (Trust in Me) is us having a dig at angry online conspiracy theorists. For me, you can believe what you want – flat earth, dragons, lizard people, whatever. I’m totally cool with that. But I have experienced on numerous occasions the seething inner rage of the online theorist when people simply don’t agree or buy into it. Which is also very cool with me haha, and it doesn’t sit well with said jobless, high-as-a-kite, angry angry man.

‘You’re all sheep!!! Are you fckin blind?! Can’t you see the numbers?!? If you take the number of letters in the numbers six six six and multiply them by how many brain cells I’ve destroyed constantly smoking super strength weed staring at my computer. Then minus Jesus’ age, subtract my Jobseeker’s Allowance and then divide by 9-11. Multiply again by the combined age of Barrack Obama’s children and mother-in-law. You will come to the exact day and time the world might end!!!

I deleted from Facebook, surprise surprise, a very angry man with some horrible views. Which is why I wrote a song about him. The track is not really like anything else on the album. It’s got a heavy groove, a little psychedelic perhaps. We really, really like it”.

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