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Me VS I (hardcore), unveil “Never Drunk Enough” debut EP!

Italians Me VS I are coming to invade your brain: Hardcore, Stoner, Weird Riff. A powerful trio from Padua (Italy), the band is one of the most interesting bands of the genre in Italy.


The band has recently dropped a debut EP titled “Never Drunk Enough”, on 6th April 2018.

About this release, the band explains: “There are two ways of getting involved in our album. The first is the one expected from everyone! An album with social themes, where alienation of ourselves brings to wellbeing in a society too much connected to internet. Lacking of emotions and sentimentalism between physical and real people. 

The second one is our true essence. To give birth of this album we haven’t used alcool, drugs. We haven’t graduated yet, we have known a lot of people, but we have always managed everything. We have slept very little, smoked, eat and played a lot. Our sound is direct, with no virtuosities. Our music is mono note (we don’t have bass). Take it or leave it.”


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