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Melisandre’s Beaver unveil debut album ‘If Only We Were Serious’!

Melisandre’s Beaver are a 3 piece punk band from Kent. Their debut album, ‘If Only We Were Serious’, is out since July 31st 2018.

Melisandre's Beaver

Totalling 13 tracks, the Album is the culmination of 2 years of gigging, writing, arguing and drinking. It shows frustration at a music industry but is also a celebration of scene comradery. It is ridiculous and tongue in cheek in places whilst being thought provoking and earnest in others.

It is meant to be a little bit of everything, because an album shouldn’t be 13 songs that all sounds the same or are about the same thing. Because life isn’t like that. Life is complicated, confusing and fun all at once, and so are Melisandre’s Beaver.

The album was recorded in between Autumn 17 and Spring 18 at Magpie Studios in Ashford, Kent. It was produced and mixed by Charlie Creese and Mastered by Pete Maher.

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