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Metallers Hautajaisyö release a new 3-track single!

Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) released their second album “Matkalla Kohti Hautaa” (Journey To The Grave) in february 2018. The band is now back with a new single called “Sinä Olet Helvetti” (You Are The Hell).


Single has two new songs and is a “sequel” to the second album. Song themes are depression, life agony and despair. Bands unique style of mixing thrash and death metal has taken to the max and here we have two of the most intense songs they have made.

Third song in the single is Amorphis cover song “Alone”, that was recorded during the making of the second album. It is the first english song the band has recorded. Single starts with a fast song called “Revin Ihoni Rikki” (I tear my skin off).

In this single Hautajaisyö has been working with two great musicians. In the songs “Revin Ihoni Rikki & Sinä Olet Helvetti” guitar solos are played by Ville Riitamaa from Torchia, who is starting a European tour soon. Riitamaa´s great solos brings the final dark taste to the songs.

I was honored that these guys asked me to play a few solos for their songs! My goal was to catch their unique tone to my licks as well – maybe I succeeded in a way or another.” – V.Riitamaa

But that is not all. Markus Laakso is doing most of the vocals in “Alone” cover song. You might know Mr. Laakso from his band Kuolemanlaakso, who is returning to touring after few years of slumber.

I met Janne the Hautajaisyö vocalist a couple of years ago, when we both were growling in the same death metal choir at Anti-festival’s art project. It was a pleasure and a privilege to join Hautajaisyö on this Amorphis cover song. Thanks Hautajaisyö and sorry Amorphis” – M.Laakso

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