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Metallers Liquid State talk about their upcoming EP!

Liquid State are a hurricane of sound that show no shame in bringing down walls with their soul shaking music. They indeed capture the sweat drenched energy of the mosh pit and spew it back directly into your face. Learn more about the band’s upcoming EP, as well as their recently released music video below!

Liquid State

Hello Liquid State. Hope you’re doing great? First of all, thanks for taking time to chat with me. For those who are not familiar with your band, could you please introduce yourselves, as well as your roles in Liquid State? Hey! So we’re a 4 piece, female fronted alternative metal band from Bristol, UK! We consist of myself, Keren Ashley as lead vocalist, Kray Mundy as our guitarist, Ben Bull playing bass and Harry Moffatt on drums!

You guys will soon release your new EP on July 6th. Can you tell us more about this release? What kind of music can we indeed expect? Yeah! So our release date is the 6th and you can expect to hear some seriously hefty bass and guitar tones in the tracks as well as Harry’s exquisite drumming to just tip you over the edge that little bit more, I’d like to say vocals are pretty nifty too, but I’ll leave that up to the listeners to decide!

If you had to pick one track off this EP, which one would you choose and why? I reckon it would be Dirty Little Preachers, it’s the first song we wrote together as a band so it’s one that’s close to us at heart, you know! Although saying that, Temper is also a bit of a banger, so that could definitely take the place of being the winning track too, you’ll hopefully be hearing that one very soon as well, so keep an ear out!

Ahead of your EP, you guys indeed dropped a video for this single. How was the shooting experience? The shooting experience was amazing! Our videographer is also a good friend of ours so we all had a complete blast filming! We drove to an abandoned air field in Westonzoyland and after spending some time looking at the absolute treasures that had been left behind, we got stuck in! We had to park our cars about a mile away from our shooting location though, so lugging all the gear on bumpy, rocky footpaths was not an enjoyable experience, that’s for sure.

Bens wheel fell off his cab and I’d never felt more sorry for anyone than what I did for Ben that day, ha! It was the first time we’d filmed a video before so it was definitely a learning curve for all of us! The best part of the day was when I was singing and recording my sections and an old lady walking her dog went and complained to the boys, opening the conversation with ‘what’s all that racket??’ and how music isn’t like what it used to be in her day! When they told me afterwards I couldn’t believe the cheek, ha ha!

Last but not least, what would you say has been the biggest highlight of your band’s career so far? Definitely being crowned The Underdog winners of 2017! The Underdog is Bristol’s biggest battle of the bands competition and the finals are held at the O2 academy! Playing on the O2 stage was mad enough, but winning the competition was just a whole different level of craziness!

Thanks so much for your time guys, we can’t wait to hear your new EP!

Picture by Ali Fewell

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