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Metallers Revolutio talk about their album “Vagrant”!

Revolutio is a post apocalyptic alternative metal band, formed in 2011 and hailing from Bologna, Italy. Back in November 2018, the band released their album “Vagrant” via Inverse Records. Check out what they had to say about this release below!


Hello Revolutio, thanks for your time! Let’s start with the basic question: Would you mind introducing your band to our readers? Hello and thanks for giving us this opportunity! The band was born in 2011 and after two years we released our first EP called “Lead the Way & the Old Days Remastered”. After that, we decided to take all the time needed to work on new songs. We made it with calm in order to take care of every single detail. The result is “Vagrant”, released on November 9th via Inverse Records. An album that we are very proud of.

You guys are from Italy. How would you describe the alternative metal scene, over there? We are pretty new in the alternative metal scene, mainly because we became aware of playing alternative music only when “Vagrant” became true. I mean, our roots are more in thrash, prog, and melodic metal. We never planned to sound alternative, but it is the mix of our influences that makes our sound different from what you can listen around nowadays. Anyway we suppose that the scene is full of very good bands, because in our country is plenty of good heavy metal bands 🙂

Your new album, “Vagrant”, is out since November 9th, 2018. Would you mind introducing this release to our readers? “Vagrant” has been recorded, mixed and mastered at the Audiocore Studio in Fontevivo (close to Parma). The studio worked with huge Italian acts like Raw Power, The Modern Age Slavery and Dark Lunacy, so thanks to their experience it was very easy to get the sound as we wanted. Russian studio Mayhem Project Design was responsible for the artwork and they really made a great job.

For those who haven’t heard it yet, what kind of songs can we expect on this record? You can expect a lot of variety, that’s for sure. There are some tracks reminding our thrash metal roots, while others are more “reflexive”. There is also one power ballad with three (three!) guitar solos and an ambient track that brings you into a world destroyed from a nuclear war.. let’s say that there is a little bit for all the tastes 🙂

Do you have one personal favorite song on this album? If yes, which one is it and why? We worked so much on each song of the album that we feel all of them as our “babies”. For sure “The Oracle” and “Ozymandias” – the songs for which we shot our official videos – are among the most preferred ones, but also the instrumental “Eclipse” and the fast-riffing “What Breaks Inside” hit our hearts in a particular way.

Would you mind sharing your plans for 2019? Next year we will try to play on stage as most as we can. We will start with the clubs in our country, then we will plan to tour abroad. We are ready to unleash the Revolution everywhere!

Thanks for your time!

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