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Misgivings talk about their upcoming debut album!

Singer/guitarist Will Pearce and Drummer Rob Day from Misgivings took some time to answer a few questions for us! Learn more about the band’s upcoming record and the type of song you can expect on it!


Hello Misgivings. Hope that you’re doing great? First of all, thanks for taking time to chat with us. For those who are not familiar with your band, could you please introduce yourselves, as well as your roles in Misgivings?

Will Pearce: My name is Will, I play guitar and sing lead vocals in the band. I also write most of the songs & usually bring beer to practices.

Rob Day: I’m Rob, I play drums and howl backing vocals when I’m feeling brave.

For those who have never heard your songs, how would you describe your sound, overall?

WP: We’ve obviously been mostly called a punk band throughout our time as a band. I think we’ve always struggled to describe what we sound like but hopefully when this record comes out we can leave that to other people. But for now, I think we’re a loud rock band with a keen focus on different sounding melodies.

As far as influences go we initially wanted to sound like the Lawrence Arms & Alkaline Trio but have tried to incorporate any new bands that we like, we’ve been a band for a while and our tastes have evolved constantly.

You will be joining the Lockjaw Records roster to release your debut album. How’s your collaboration going?

WP: Very well! They’ve been very kind, but also challenged us to push what we do and given us a lot some new confidence.

RD: It makes a difference having people prodding us to do things but also being excited about that. Certainly I think we are getting more done with Lockjaw than we did without their support and input.

Let’s focus on your upcoming record. What kind of songs can we indeed expect on this album?

WP: So having listened to the record a lot, without giving away too much… It seems that the first side of the record has a more pretty, more tender side to it. And then side B gets a bit more angry lyrically and perhaps a bit more out-there musically. The songs on the first half are mostly older. And then I think a lot of the last side was written in the months leading up to the recording.

RD: It’s an enjoyable thing to listen too. From a composition perspective we haven’t gone out of our way to punish the listener. I mean obviously it’s not lift music or easy listening, there are some hard edges. But it’s not there to give you a hard time.

WP: I like to match an upbeat sounding melody with a slightly sardonic lyric, usually concerning either personal or working relationships with others. An important rule for me is that a song shouldn’t be beyond other interpretations.

News! We are thrilled to announce our new record 'Hermitage' is out on 7th December on Lockjaw Records & Charlie's Big Ray Gun Records! You can pre-order it on blue suede vinyl, with some shirts included at https://lockjawrecords.co.uk/misgivings-hermitage/Check out a preview of what's to come from us.

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How did you approach the writing process for this record?

WP: There wasn’t a great deal of method behind this particular selection. Some of the songs are fairly old compared to others. I tend to write a lot of musical & lyrical ideas and the ones that the other guys enjoy end up being used. Sometimes I take riffs that Ollie or Rob write and complete the songs. Ultimately we try not to spend an excessive amount of time on any particular song and not to force ideas that don’t work into submission.

RD: It felt comfortable. I don’t remember fighting any of the songs, it all came together without any real struggle. The way I came up with drum parts for Hermitage was either going with the demo parts Will had written. Or going completely overboard and reigning it in until it better fits the song. Songs usually start for me as an exercise in “what stick shattering mayhem can I do here” and then, over the course of several practices, get stripped back to something that suits the song.

I don’t get that involved in lyrics, left in charge of vocals I either write about whatever Sci-fi series I’m into at the time (Deep Space Nine currently) or how unhappy I am. Writing an entire song using only quotes from the first season of Battlestar Galactica may feel like an achievement but it’s not something I’d make Will sing to a paying audience.

You also released a music video for the first single, “Call It Off”. How was the shooting experience?

WP: Very fun! Some key allies of ours are our friends Jochen Such & Dave Sloan from Charlie’s Big Ray Gun. Dave provides us with a place to practice and runs www.cbrg.tv. He came down to practice to take some photos and brought his video camera. And we knocked the song out five times roughly and he edited the video within a day.

RD: Dave and Jochen are legends, I cannot stress that enough.

The last words are for you! Thanks for your time!

WP & RD: Thank you.

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