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Morgan Rider & The Deep Dark River are back with a new video!

Canada’s Morgan Rider & The Deep Dark River are kicking off 2020 with their new music video “Ignite The Tempests”.

Morgan Rider & The Deep Dark River

The track comes off their second installment in The Deep Dark River quadrilogy saga. “Leviathan and The Deep Dark Blue” (North Soul Records), released this past November.

Morgan Rider explains the story of track:

For ‘Ignite The Tempests’, the choruses are slower and doomier. They give a reprieve from the harder intro, mid section and outro to tell the story of The Tempest, who is enraged and casts his full weight upon the shore-dweller structure – crushing it utterly.

His throes ignite the storms of the oceans and his writhing withers the numbers of the loathsome shore-dwellers. With a titanous gale of might, he sends the waters in full force at the green shores. Crushing the structures of the poisoning shore-dwellers, bringing ruinous death to their kind and drowning the lands for many miles.

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