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Behind the artwork of Sittingthesummerout’s EP

Italian Post Hardcore quintet Sittingthesummerout have recently released their sophomore EP ‘Brick and Mortar‘. This EP is now available since December 1st 2017 via Ghost Factory Records & Arts.

Now that it’s out, vocalist Samir Batista gives us an insight into the creation of their EP’s artwork!

“The cover art for “Brick & Mortar” took a second to come up with. Luca (guitarist and vocalist) is a great artist who’s really good with drawings. He’s done the art for both our debut EP and our single “Could It Rain Forever?”. For this EP, we wanted him to do the artwork again, but Luca wasn’t really satisfied with anything he came up with using his brushes.

Then came the great idea. He drew up a small draft of what he envisioned the artwork to be: a picture of another cut-up image with two fingers trying to put the pieces back together. He asked if we had any idea what picture we could cut up for this, and I had the perfect one in store. I dug up this old photo I had taken with my phone on a flight from the United States and back to Italy, after a long year away, and it just made sense: coming home was not going to be a relief, because it meant having to rebuild many little things and getting my life back on track; definitely not an easy job.

We played with the colors for a bit, and decided black-and-white would work best. We met up at our practice space, cut up a picture, took apart a wooden tray and spray-painted it white for the background. At that point we realized we hated our handwriting and our fingers weren’t picture-worthy. Panic. Luckily, our dear friend Denise was happy to come help us at a moments notice and provided both the lettering you see on the cover art and posed as a hand model for the artwork. Thanks Denise, you saved us!”

You can now listen to the full EP on Bandcamp: https://sittingthesummerout.bandcamp.com/ !

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