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Cove reveal a behind the video for ‘Coincide:Collide’!

Following up their debut ‘We Were Once Lost’ sees Kent heavy crew COVE focussing on collaboration for ‘A Conscious Motion’. The band explains: “There is a little piece of everyone in each song, something we didn’t have before. This has definitely broadened our sound; we’ve explored new dynamics and opened new doors. “Cove” is a group of individuals who make honest music for themselves not based on current trend or flavor of the month.

With new vocalist Ben Shorten steering the ship, it is a must for fans of While She Sleeps, Architects etc. Cove indeed declares: “We get bored of being compared to sounding like other bands – we wrote to sound like Cove.” The band is now here to give a greater insight into the filming for their recently released video single ‘Coincide:Collide’.

We shot the video for “Coincide:Collide” with Lewis Cater (Neck Deep, Moose Blood) around mid-December of 2017. The location we shot at was an abandoned safe house in Peckham, London. It was absolutely freezing and a few of us were ill with colds and the flu. I just remember feeling completely worn out after my own takes due to being so ill at the time.”

We picked this track to lead the EP campaign with because we felt like the song encompasses everything we have tried to achieve in “A Conscious Motion”. It’s still ridiculously heavy but shows dynamic instrumentally and also vocally, which I think really makes a clear statement about the direction in which the band is headed.

The idea behind the video was to show separation. The band are indeed playing in one room whilst Ben is singing in another, facing his own reflections. We are extremely happy with the outcome of the video. We feel along with stepping the music up, it was important to step the visual aspect of the band upalso, which we feel we have achieved with this video”, reveals the band.


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