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Hardcore band Skywalker is back with new music video!

Skywalker is a post-hardcore outlet hailing from Prague. The band is combining heavy riffs, crushing breakdowns, and sweet melodies with honest and personal lyricism. The band just unveiled a music video for single ‘Sugar‘, taken from ‘Sugar House‘ (2017).

Lyrics: “My love, don’t look down and don’t look back.
I don’t ever want you to lose track or be alone for a minute again.
You were my closest friend.
And I’ve been trying to tell you for way too long that I’m not so strong.
And the doubt is creeping in.
Of all the things you said this is the one that has been running through my head:
“After everything I’ve been through, you’re my Saving Grace.”

Friends we could always be. But how can destiny come between us
when life comes back full circle?
So I’ve been trying to keep my mind off your eyes but it seems,
no matter where I go, no matter what I do, you will haunt me in my dreams.
Look at me know. What happened to all the stars
we used to watch pretending they were fireflies?
Wait for me baby, I’ll only be away for a while.
Look at you now. The tremble in the Padme’s smile.
The tremble in your smile.

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