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Hardcore quartet CARRIER to release debut EP ‘Wither’!

Plymouth born hardcore quartet CARRIER will release their debut EP on the 23rd February 2018. For fans of Counterparts and August Burns Red, CARRIER have only been a fully functioning band since March 2017. All coming from previous musical backgrounds, the quartet were keen to do something different and they all seemed to have the same idea of what direction they wanted to go in.

Their new EP ‘Wither’ is a perfect debut offering from the band. They indeed combine hardcore and melodic metal in a way that is tangible and honest. Debut single release ‘Grieve’ is a song written about death, expressing the feelings they individually went through when they lost a friend.

Everything from this record is very open and vivid in the sense of we tell it exactly how is. The anger, The sadness and everything in between on this record is told with complete openness and honesty. The record is called ‘Wither’ which should basically speak for itself.

I had the chance to listen to this EP before the official release date… And I have to admit that for someone who’s not listening to a lot of hardcore bands, my head was bouncing a little bit too much. But I guess that’s a good point for the band! ‘Wither’ will be out on February 23rd, stay tuned!

Picture: Jonah Rich Photography

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