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Learn the story behind Forbidden Seasons’ latest single!

Forbidden Seasons are back with a music video for single ‘Thank You For The Venom’. You can indeed watch this brand new video below!

The song ‘Thank You For The Venom’ talks about an ill relationship with someone very dear to me.” reveals the band.They played with my life. Tried to take advantage of my weaknesses and of my unconditional love. And all they did was turn my love into hatred, into venom, consuming my soul. When in times of need this person tried to get back in touch, however they managed to make me feel even worse. They made me numb even though in my veins flows their own rotten blood.

The video somehow explains this relationship! The protagonist is forced to interact with a mysterious and dark entity which, in the end, even after all the efforts, manages to corrupt her, convincing her to consume its venom, turning her and exposing her worst side.”

“With ‘Thank You For The Venom’, I wanted to release the evil which I’ve had inside for years. Even though I don’t usually like to talk about my personal issues, thanks to my band, my family, I managed to open up. I dedicate this song to all those who have to live with the pain and can’t get rid of it, often releasing it on the people who don’t deserve it.

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