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Urban Waste & Antidote – NYHC Classics Double Cassette Reissue

Urban Waste self-titled 1982 EP and Antidote “Thou Shalt Not Kill” EP from 1983. Two classic staple NYHC releases that went on to influence many in the world of punk, hardcore and metal. Since their debut nearly 40 years ago, these records have been bootlegged time and time again, with some official reissues along the way as well. But somehow, neither have yet to make it to cassette tape until now!

Pine Hill Records is issuing a limited one-time run of each EP. Pro-grade tapes and packaging complete with high quality WAV audio, download cards and hand-numbered colored cassettes. The package includes one copy of each EP.

The Urban Waste EP is #1-50 on white shell, #51-100 on black. The Antidote EP is #1-50 on green shell, #51-100 on clear.

On this double cassette reissue, Tino Valpa (Pine Hill Records) comments: “The way the reissues came about was pretty simple. Both of these bands are bands that I’ve always admired and I’ve always considered these two EP’s top tier NYHC. Urban Waste have been close friends for almost a decade now. I’ve toured with them, booked them up here in NH many times. Great friends. Antidote… they came up and played the last show I had in my basement a handful of years ago. It was easily the best show we had and couldn’t have closed it out with a bigger bang. “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is one of my top favorite pieces of hardcore history. Being friends already, it was just a quick discussion with both these guys and we locked in the reissues. It’s the label’s first ever cassette release and we’re having fun with it. Came out a few days ago and ¾ of them are already gone. Grateful for the response so far!

Order now at: https://pinehillrecords.com/product/urban-waste-antidote-nyhc-classics-double-cassette-package/

Urban Waste & Antidote - Tape reissue

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