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Berlin punks SpeedKobra announce the release of their new LP

Formed in Berlin in 2016, SpeedKobra is gathering members from Hangover Generation, Suburban Uproar and Hierophant to deliver an explosive mix of metal and raw punk hardcore. These five guys coming from all over the Italian boot have recorded a split in 2017 with Strönt from Compton L.A.

You can purchase or listen to Human Annihilation on their bandcamp. And, their new LP Days of madness, will soon be available on vinyl.

Distrolution : Hello guys, would you introduce us to SpeedKobra, aswell as your roles in the band ?

SpeedKobra : Hello, we are : Gaspare, vocals, Sandro, lead guitarist, Mauro bassist, Fede, drummer and Giacomo, rythmic guitarist. Nick was playing guitar in the band from 2016 to 2018 until he passed away.

Distrolution : How do you cope with such a loss as musicians and as friends ?

SpeedKobra : We were a real family. Our life was basically the band. We were living together, playing together, partying together. So of course it was really difficult to start again . First, we had a break, then we tried to practice again. But it was just not the same. It felt like carrying a dead project.
Some months later Giacomo showed interest in Speed Kobra and it has truly been a breath of fresh air for all the band. With him we started composing again.

Distrolution : Can you tell us more about your projects ?

SpeedKobra : We just released a split with Moratory a crust d-beat band from Saint Petersburg who we shared the stage with during their last tour. Aside from that, we are still working on the release of Days of madness. It’s the name of one of the 10 songs of the disc and the eponym title of the LP. It is a song related to our first tour which was complete madness. In comparaison with our previous releases, this LP gains in metal riffs mostly thanks to the influence of Giacomo. We also plan to go on tour spread our poison across Europe. 

Distrolution : Do you have some memories, anecdotes, stories of tours and concerts that you want to share with our readers ?

SpeedKobra : One time we were playing for the Birthday of Kopi and one drunk guy came on stage and turned off our amps…It was probably too loud for him !

Distrolution : You all live in Berlin. What could you tell us about the Berlin Punk scene ?

SpeedKobra : It’s a pretty decent crowd. The scene is chaotic but active and alive. We love to play here, but we also try not to perform in Berlin too much so people don’t get sick of us.

Distrolution : You’re producing the album yourself in a 100% D.I.Y logic. Why that ?

SpeedKobra : We are actually searching for some coproductions, but we don’t wanna sign on a major label and lose our freedom or our integrity. We don’t wanna be a product. Our music should fit our lifestyle and that we do it out of personal satisfaction. Nick was saying that music is our antidote.

Thank you guys for your time, see you soon!

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